Microsoft 365 For
Membership Organisations

A cost-effective all-in-one platform to run your membership organisation. From managing members to new sales, online bookings and membership fees, we can help tailor the perfect solution for you.

An All-In-One Solution for Membership Management

Microsoft 365 is a complete stack of different software tools that seamlessly blend together.

Whether you need a CRM, booking portal, membership management, email marketing or phone system, 365 can provide a central hub for your organisation.

Unlike many systems, the Microsoft tools can link directly with your PC login, Office Apps and Outlook. This means that even the most complex and powerful 365 systems can be easy-to-use.

We have built many Microsoft systems for membership organisations, including chambers of commerce, charities and museums.

These systems provide all the benefits of highly bespoke and specialised software, whilst ensuring long-term support and flexibility. If your business or organisation changes, the system can be adapted to suit, rather than having to start from scratch again.

Microsoft 365 Features & Information

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Microsoft 365 Experts

Our team of software developers are experts and specialists in Microsoft 365. Here is a quick rundown of some of the many features and possibilities of a 365-based business:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

As simple or complex as you need it to be, Dynamics 365 CRM integrates directly with Outlook and your contacts. This ensures your team can seamless keep track of all members, leads and opportunities whilst answering day to day emails.


Included with most Office 365 licenses, Microsoft Teams is not just a great tool for working-from-home video chats. Teams is a powerful internal communication platform that can replace internal emails, encourage collaborative work and create transparent communication channels.

Telephone calls

In addition to video calls, Teams can also support full telephone calls and features. If properly configured, Teams could replace your existing telephone systems.

Member Portal

The 365 Portal allows membership organisation to present a front-end tool to your members. Why is this important?

You could create a booking system for events, membership subscriptions and knowledge bases for your members. All bookings and memberships would feed directly into your CRM.

Email Marketing

Looking for powerful email automation that can notify members of upcoming subscriptions or anniversaries? Or, are you looking for a tool to send out regular email newsletters and communications? Fortunately we can configure systems that do both equally well, all whilst syncing with your CRM and contacts.


Microsoft 365 Portals