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Helping businesses, SMEs and charities of all sizes digitally transform the way they work  with customisable, user friendly, all-in-one software solutions.

Software that Makes Your Life Easy

Business software is one of the most important tools for almost any modern organisation. Providing the platform for better consistency, accuracy, speed and efficiency.

As a certified Microsoft Partner we specialise in affordable configuration and development of user friendly solutions built using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) platform. The systems we deliver sit confidently between bespoke and off the shelf options, something most providers might say was impossible.

The products we offer serve a broad spectrum of sectors, from local SMBs to huge national charities. But, perhaps more importantly, it's the system development, software, consultancy, training and support we offer that mean the difference between software you can simply have installed and software you can actually use.

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Software Applications

Below are just a few regular examples of tools the software can provide but it can, and does, deliver far more tailored work for many of our specialist clients.

Project Service

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Field Service

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Customer Service

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Charity & NFP

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Business Central ERP

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Financial Software

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Software Consultancy and Services

System Advice or Evaluation

Scope it, plan it, apply it.
Talk to us about what you need. We will use our experience and understanding of the system's vast capability’s to help guide you. Even get a free System Health Check.


A system is only as good as the user's confidence and comfort levels in using it. 75% of failure is due to poor user adoption.  Avoid this happening by offering good training to those who need it.


Even if you have in-house IT specialists, we advise you take up some support. New systems can take some getting used to. Choose the level you need and call on us if and when things get tricky.

Continuous Improvement

Business software is as much about strategy, tactical goals and future growth as it is about technology. Aided by Lean principles, increase efficiency and accommodate shifting objectives within your CRM.

Why choose Formus Pro?

As a certified Microsoft Partner we specialise in affordable, customisable and user friendly Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) solutions.
The team here deliver transformational digital solutions that curb complexity, improve efficiency and help drive growth in organisations like yours, looking to step things up. Making it easy for you to become even more brilliant at what you do!


Take a look at our resources pages. We think you'll find something interesting, helpful or insightful. Read our Developer Blog articles, tips on using software to enhance your productivity and helpful information on how to use Customer Relationship Management software to its fullest. You can even request articles or contribute as a guest blogger. Make a request or sign up for more!

Developer Tips - Dynamics SDK Bug in the CrmServiceClient

Fixing Strange Connection Bug in the CrmServiceClient

If you are a D365 developer you may have noticed that the essential CrmServiceClient class implements the IDisposable interface. So that means we dispose of it right? What behaviour should we expect if we do? I am afraid Microsoft does not deign to tell us. But I can confirm that in at least one scenario it results in unexpected and potentially breaking behaviour. Here’s how to avoid it…

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Screen grab of troubleshooting D365's new interface

Troubleshooting Microsoft’s New D365 UI

Microsoft have changed the Dynamics 365 layout with their new UI. We delve into what issues can occur, how to identify and fix them.

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Cloud download icon with warning of D365 data storage price increase overlaid

News: Microsoft’s Price Hike to D365 Data Storage

Microsoft are changing their D365 data storage licence pricing. Will this affect you?

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Live chat support pop-up box

The Benefits of Microsoft Omnichannel

Omnichannel for Customer Service is an application for Dynamics 365 Customer Service. It provides a single interface allowing your customer service agents to support your customers via: Live Chat (embed on your website, in your own web application, or in your Dynamics portal), Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Microsoft Teams, Custom Messaging Channels.

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Screen grab showing how to create a new user

Creating Non-Interactive Users for D365

What if we told you that for Dynamics 365, you don’t need to pay for an additional user license to grant programmatic access?

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Upcoming software improvements in 2020 Microsoft release wave 2

News: Microsoft 2020 Release Wave 2

Microsoft have just announced the release of their latest feature plans for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform 2020. Here are some of the important feature updates for D365 and Power Platform Microsoft announced in their Release wave 1 review.

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