New D365 Team Member License Announcement

Microsoft's Possible Restrictions to Team Licenses in 2020

Author: Andrew Martin | Sales Manager | Formus Professional Software

Microsoft recently updated their Wave One 2020 announcement to include a little more detail around plans for licencing.

We have been looking into this part of Microsoft’s announcement with particular focus as it could stand to affect how customers save money.

The focus from Microsoft appears to revolve around enforcement of Team Member limitations.

If any of your users operate on the Team Member license, these changes will mean they will no longer be able to access Customer Service Hub, Sales Hub, or any other custom app modules’ in the system.

Laptop shown from above with hand pointing to screen in Microsoft data migration 2022

Users of the Sales Team Member app can see much of what can be seen in the Sales Hub, although users of this app are much more limited in which functions can be performed. Customer Service and Project Resource apps have similar limitations enabling you basic functionality.

A few Takeaways to Note:

  • Team Members are unable to use dashboards. But cannot create accounts.
  • Team Members can add additional security roles along with up to 15 custom entities.
    You can still have hundreds of custom entities, as long as no single user uses more than 15 of them. If additional custom entities are needed, you might want to consider moving to a Power Apps license
  • The Sales Team Member app account has no access to the reporting features of Dynamics 365.  This can be overcome with access to custom reports or SSRS reports.

At a Glance Overview

Our internal testing has shown the following limitations on the proposed changes to the Team Member licence.

Activity Entity Created Edited Completed Deleted
Phone Calls
Campaign Resource
Account Entity N/A
Contact Entity N/A
Lead Entity N/A
Opportunities Entity N/A

Already using Dynamics 365 Team Members? 

Organisations already utilising Team Member licences have a “grace” period until 30th June 2020 This cut-off date has been extended to aid transition. Microsoft extended this from April 1st and it has been well received.

Microsoft have announced an extended deadline of 30/06/2020 for the update for any user that currently has licences (or acquiring new licences before 01/04/2020).

Any licences purchased after 01/04/2020 will be forced into the new update limitations.

We continue testing the limitations of the new team member app and will keep you updated with our findings. Depending on how Microsoft enforce the new update, we may be able to work around the restrictions for a short while.

As per the previous release, the Attach model of licensing is still in place.
You pay for a “base” licence and then “attach” subsequent licences at a significantly lower rate.

Table of prices per user per month of Dynamics 365 licences for sales

Even with Microsoft's enforcement of the Team Member licence and it’s functionality, organisations can still see significant saving if they are savvy with their licence selection and their partners develop their system in a way to fully utilise the mix of licences on offer.