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Bridging Gaps, Connecting Teams & Improving Efficiency

At the heart of a group of six Midlands-based Chambers, the technology Shakir Whayeb, Director of IT & Central Services and his team at GBCC oversee, has to allow the local Chambers to engage effectively with more than 3000 member businesses and to promote over 250 events throughout the year.

Back in 2015, their previous CRM system, based on outdated, clunky technology that had been in place for more than ten years, was struggling to cope. A change of direction saw the team move to a Microsoft Dynamics solution, but the system still wasn’t working in a way the highly collaborative teams of GBCC were 100% happy with.

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With this in mind, Shakir decided to re-tender for a CRM service provider who could deliver greater systems integration, while also displaying the creativity and flexibility that could underpin a long-term relationship.

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GBCC’s journey to this level of system achievement has clearly been a worthwhile and thoughtful process of continuous improvement.

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Formus Professional Software, affectionately known as FormusPro to clients, started work on the project with The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce in October 2017. Technical Director, Glenn Powell worked on the project himself together with his team of technical hybrid consultants, hired for their relationship building skills alongside their technical expertise.

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Sometimes looking into changing an underperforming legacy or first phase system that no longer lives up to expectations can seem daunting to tackle, but as we’ve seen, it clearly pays to be patient and work with the right people internally as well as externally.

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Shakir’s final words on the project reflected this, demonstrating how communication, collaboration and flexibility are key when making improvements like these to an existing system. He explains…

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