Top 6 Features in Business Central Wave 2 - 2022

Make the most of these brand-new updates

Author: Peter Taylor | Business Central Practice Lead | Formus Professional Software | Nov 2022

Microsoft release two 'waves' of new features for Business Central each year. Usually, this occurs around April and October with this year's Wave 2 release landing recently. Here are some of the top features from this latest release of Business Central 2022:

Update Business Central Data Directly from Microsoft Teams

Let’s say your purchasing team has set up item records in Business Central. They might have included the details they know about such as unit of measure and description, but they need to ask someone else in finance to add cost and price.

They can now simply copy and paste the Business Central item record URL into a Teams chat. The recipient can then open the item record inside Teams and make changes without having to open Business Central at all!

Browse for Posted Document Lines

It is now possible to search for posted document line pages and unposted document line pages in Business Central:

This release brings even more power when it comes to managing your Business Central documents (quotes, orders, invoices, return orders, and credit memos). You can now search within both posted and unposted documents, giving you the ability to report against sales order lines and much more.

New VAT Date field on Documents and Journals

Some companies require the ability to report their VAT statements and VAT returns with a date other than the Posting Date or Document Date. For this reason, the new VAT Date exists on all purchase and sales documents, as well as on journals.  

With the 2022 Wave 2 release, users can choose the default VAT Date (Posting Date or Document Date) in General Ledger Setup. Dates can also be changed individually on documents and journals when you create them. When a document or journal is posted, this new VAT Date will be visible in the VAT Entry and G/L Entry tables, where it can be changed if necessary. The VAT Statement page also has a new option to report by VAT Date, as well as Posting Date or Document Date. 

Switch Companies Across Environments

It is now possible to intuitively switch between companies either in the same environment, or in a different environment using the new Company Switcher pane.

The pane is accessible from anywhere in Business Central and with 3 quick clicks, you can change the company you are logged into. This can be done from any environment, subject to user permissions.

Bi-directional Sync of Sales Orders between Business Central and Dynamics 365 Sales 

You can now synchronize sales orders between Business Central and Dynamics 365 Sales in both directions. This means that changes in either system will automatically update the other system. 

Search in Company Data 

This feature allows users to search for key words across multiple datasets in Business Central. 

Select the ‘Search in data…’ option in the Role Centre, then type in your search text and the system will retrieve records including that key word: 



The full list of functionality and features from Microsoft can be found here. 

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