Improving the Patient Experience

North Coast Medical Center (NCMC) Welcome Expectant Mums

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Already known as a leading labor and delivery provider in their area of the US, North Coast Medical Center (NCMC) wanted to extend their world-class patient experience to their communications with expectant mums as they prepared to welcome their newest family members at the hospital.

Below follows a look at how NCMC used D365 and ClickDimensions to engage and nurture patient/client connection through the power of personalisation and 1st class customer service.

A Personal Touch

The messages within the campaign are all built with the ClickDimensions drag and drop email editor. This easy-to-use tool also allows for personalisation, which the NCMC team used to add each patient’s name and their anticipated delivery month for a customised email experience.

No Email Coding Needed

Within the automation, email recipients are invited to download the hospital’s newborn care guide. Using ClickDimensions, NCMC was able to create the landing page and form used for this download – no coding required!

Patient Engagement - Hospital Freedback

Medical centre marketing example

As part of the patient engagement campaign, expectant mums are invited to visit the hospital for a group tour. Following the tour, NCMC wanted to gauge attendees’ opinions on the event, so they used ClickDimensions to easily create and send a survey. When a respondent completes the survey, all their responses are linked to their CRM record.

Event, Registration and Attendee Information

The campaign also promotes NCMC’s series of educational courses for expectant parents. With event connectors to Eventbrite, Cvent and other popular systems, ClickDimensions allows the hospital to bring event, registration and attendee information automatically into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for greater insight into who registers for and attends their classes.

Going That Extra Mile

In addition to campaign automation, email marketing, landing pages, forms, surveys and event management, ClickDimensions gives you a wide variety of tools that can be incorporated into patient engagement campaigns – or any other marketing efforts! – including SMS messaging, web intelligence and reporting.

What is ClickDimensions?

ClickDimensions is a marketing automation app that operates from within D365. It is a powerful solution providing email marketing, web intelligence, campaign automation, lead scoring, campaign tracking, landing pages, forms, surveys and so much more.

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Written by our partners over at ClickDimensions HQ in the US.