Power Automate in 2022

4 Important Bug Fixes & Improvements


As part of the Microsoft 2022 release wave 1 plan for Power Automate, a number of new features and changes will be rolled out between April and September 2022. These include some essential bug fixes and improvements that you will not want to miss.

1 – Copy & Paste Fixed for Power Automate Cloud Flows

Such a simple bug, but one that has stumped many users over the years. To date, Power Automate Cloud Flows do not support copying and pasting references to files and folders, such as in SharePoint.

For example, if you were to create a backup of a file, using the day’s date in the filename you would first need to get the file metadata and then also get the file content. To get this info you would use the explorer tool to browse SharePoint and select the file, which would give you a relative link. If you copy and paste this link from one step to the other it would look correct in the system, but the flow would fail. This is due to the way that Power Automate handles file links.

Thankfully, this will be fixed from April 2022 and all users will be able to copy and paste references from one step to another. This small improvement will speed up the process of creating flows and reduce failed flows and issues.

2 – A Redesigned Home Page for Power Automate

Microsoft is continuing to focus on user support and guidance to encourage more businesses to harness the Power Automate suite. This new home page will combine several minor UI (User Interface) improvements to make it easier than ever to get started with Automation.

The first thing you might notice is a slight change to creating a new flow, Microsoft has focused on creating flows from templates based on the most used automations.

Following this is a new section dedicated to learning resources, including information on pricing, how-to videos, documentation, and a community where users can interact with others to share ideas and tips.

This is a small but important improvement to encourage more users and businesses to start adopting Power Automate and we are glad to see these changes.

3 – Undo Function Coming to Cloud Flows

Yes, you read that correctly. Microsoft is finally bringing the Undo function into Power Automate’s Cloud Flows. This is such a critical part of most software platforms you only realise how important it is when it is missing, and you need it.

No matter how good you are with Power Automate (and we are pretty handy with it), all users will benefit from this small addition at some point.

4 – Multiple Improvements to Debugging Cloud Flows

Many of the changes listed in the Power Automate wave 1 release are about improving the overall experience when troubleshooting or debugging flows. Here are some of the changes we are excited to see:

  • Improved error messages – Until now, many internal error codes are less than helpful, stating things such as “400 Bad Request”. This doesn’t steer the user towards an answer, only that it is, as suspected, broken. From April 2022 we should expect to see more actionable error messages
  • More discoverable help bot – There is a help bot for Power Automate, run via Power Virtual Agents, however most people do not know it exists. Microsoft have addressed this and from April 2022 we will see a virtual agent icon on every screen in the Power Automate designer. This will help many users find quick answers and solutions
  • Resubmit multiple failed runs – If you manage many cloud flows you will know how frustrating it can be to have to resubmit multiple failed runs, as you must do each individually. As of April 2022, you should be able to select and re-run multiple flows simultaneously, saving time and effort
  • Warnings for connection references – At the moment, the solution list does not show any warnings when connection references are not ready for use, it only shows if environment variables are missing values. This will be addressed to make it easier for users to spot when connection references are missing or need to be refreshed


There are many other minor improvements coming to Power Automate in 2022. Here are our other top picks for Power Bi and Power Apps updates during 2022.

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