UK and US spellings of cancelled

How to Rename Your Labels in D365

Fix the Microsoft US to UK spelling limitation in D365

Author: Alex Walters | Software Consultant | Formus Professional Software | June 2020

Want to change the naming conventions on your D365 system to match your business?

Fed up with having to use the MS default US spellings for all your labels?


NOTE: Microsoft claim that if you install your system in “UK English” the US spellings should be replaced. Unfortunately, in our experience the US spellings have often sneaked through despite this!


We have found a way to fix this problem by using the CrmTranslations.xml file. Here’s how…

How you Rename Your Labels

In the below example, the system default State Code is “Canceled” and we want to change this to “Cancelled”, you can even change system State Code labels without resetting the instance or without writing any code:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Solutions-> New:
Screen grab of settings page in Power Apps
  1. Once created, click on Save -> Add Existing -> Entity -> Select (affected Entities) -> All assets -> Finish -> Save -> Publish:
Screen grab showing adding and publishing entities
  1. Close the solution window -> Open All Solutions -> Select the solution -> Export Translations:
Screen grab showing Export Translations in Dynamics 365
  1. Save the downloaded zip file -> Extract all -> Change the CrmTranslations.xml file (Rename to CrmTranslations.xls) so you can open it in Excel:
Screen grab illustrating changing CrmTranslations file from xml to xls
  1. Once you open it in Excel, go to the Localised Labels sheet->CTRL+F->Type ‘Canceled’ and change all of the found fields to ‘Cancelled’ using find and replace:
Screen grab showing correcting spelling in Excel spreadsheet
  1. Save the Excel file -> Change the format of the file back to xml -> Select both files -> Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder:
Screen grab showing how to change back to XML and re-zip for upload
  1. Open All Solutions -> Import Translations -> Browse -> Select the newly created zip -> Import:
Screen grab showing how to import translated text in Dynamics 365

Once you have imported it, publish all customisations, then review an old record or create a new one and trigger the "Cancelled" status which will now have the correct label. You can use this method for as many entities as needed and also for other label changes as well. As always we would recommend testing this in a development environment before promoting any changes to live.