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Lead Scoring

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Client & Customer Intelligence Gathering

Use the intelligence gathered by ClickDimensions to score your prospects’ interest in your products and services. Using the lead score, your sales team can quickly and easily determine which leads to pursue.

Save Time - Target Your Most Interested Leads

With ClickDimensions web intelligence, you can see who is interested in your company, products or services.

Now the question becomes “how interested are they?”

Because all ClickDimensions data is stored within Microsoft CRM, you can use queries and workflow to surface visitors that best meet your criteria. With that information in hand, you can prioritise which are the most interested as quantified by their lead score.

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Customise Scores by Page

Some pages are better than others at indicating visitor intentions so we’ve given you the ability to specify custom score values on a per-page basis.

Want to customise the score so a visit to your pricing page adds 50 points? Want to take 25 points off for visitors who go to your careers page (i.e. job hunter vs. true prospect)? No problem.

You can even set the default scoring values based on which tracking events are more important to your organisation.

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