Dynamics 365 and CRM

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What is Dynamics 365?

In 2016 Microsoft changed the name of its platform from Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365. It represented a change that saw the software combine CRM and ERP and integrated a whole host of other capabilities that far exceeded simple CRM.

It's now very extensive, extremely versatile software. This software can do pretty much anything and it's now becoming even easier to even do some of it in house with a bit of training, see PowerApps.

However, not all businesses have the in-house staff resource, capabilities or time to spend on setting it up.

We exist to do exactly that and more if needed. We want to make the complex simple, deliver the very best of what you need at base level and work from there if needed.

It is the next evolutionary step in Customer Relationship Management, which Microsoft are now calling Customer Engagement.

To make it even easier, there are already a set of specialised applications created from D365, making it even easier for you to identify, compare and choose the software most suitable for your situation.

Specialised D365 Applications

Project Service

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Field Service

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Customer Service

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Charity & NFP

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Business Central ERP

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Pick & Mix Option

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What is CRM?

Modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a not only a type of software but a collection of strategies, principals and other technologies brought together to gather, analyse and manage customer life-cycles, interactions and organisational workflows.

Having close relationships with your clients is vitally important if you are to achieve longstanding success. The information you have on your client base, both current and prospective is the key to nurturing and galvanising these relationships but it provides a lot more besides too.

Regardless of the industry or niche in which you’re operating, having a full view of your business from sales and marketing to product/service uptake and competitor activity can really be an advantage.

CRM software does this for you. In fact, in its current form, it can handle almost anything you ask it to, providing you have the right things in place.

D365 for Project Service Automation

What is D365 for Project Service?

Project Service helps automate communications and flag important records where action is required.  This automation increases productivity, ensuring that the team are focusing on the priorities and ensures a proactive customer experience.

Inventory management utilises the product features from D365 and can generate stock request and purchase orders for warehouses or directly to customers. Tracking stock across warehouses or remote assets can ensure as stock is used across jobs the relevant items are reordered based on levels set within the application.

The flexibility of D365 and the ability to customise the forms and workflow mean it can be tailored to work specifically for your business model.  Empowering users with the right tool to support them in delivery.

Video: Introduction to Project Service

Forecast profitability

Scheduling Engine

Project Planning

Productivity Insights

Intuitive Dashboards

D365 for Customer Service

What is D365 for Customer Service?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was made for in its first instance. Now, it has become a further sophisticated and structured tool for implementing customer service management and strategy.

Use it to manage who, what, where, when and how all contacts and customers are all looked after. Handle contact management, workflow and productivity with a focus on strengthening your organisation's valuable relationships – whether that be with clients, customers, investors, donors, service users, stake holders or suppliers.

Replace unwanted spreadsheets and inconsistent address books. Consolidate customer data into a centralised system and aggregate the most pertinent information to allow each system user the level of access and information appropriate to their roles and responsibilities.

Video: Introduction to Customer Service

Track all important phone calls, emails and appointments directly in D365. Enable your business to view a 360 degree view of your customers and your developing relationships.

Contact Management

Fast Lookup

Relationship Tracking

Customer Insights

SMS Communication

D365 for Sales

What is D365 for Sales?

Go beyond sales force automation with Dynamics 365 Sales to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively, and win more deals.

Spend less time searching for contacts, lead status, estimated value or full details on emails, phone calls or meetings with each client. With a quick search function all of this is at your fingertips in seconds. Build trust, strengthen relationships and take swift action on leads.

Using your own sales workflow, streamline and even automate parts of the sales process.

Start working collectively across departments with a 360 degree view of the customer, their journey with you, their buying habits and developing relationship with your brand or sales teams. Drive revenue with pipeline analysis, deal insights, relationship analytics, and conversation intelligence.

Video: Introduction to D355 for Sales

Make informed decisions with data-driven feedback and take actions based on real-time data and emerging trends. Drive revenue with pipeline analysis, deal insights, relationship analytics, and conversation intelligence. See when and how customers interact with their emails, so they can be more proactive and responsive in their email communications.

Keep relationships on track with signals from Dynamics 365 and Office 365 that reveal relationship health and risks.

See when and how customers interact with their emails, so they can be more proactive and responsive in their email communications.

Improve conversion and win rates with lead and opportunity scoring based on advanced scoring models to identify customers most likely to convert and buy.

Use the mobile app at shows, events or meetings to scan and convert business cards into new records in Dynamics 365.

Get profiles and insights with LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, including related leads and ways to secure a warm introduction. Work more collaboratively with your marketing efforts and use data they help to collect to lead you to the hottest leads. You could extend the product further with PowerBI. Offering real time, extensive reporting with an instant snapshot of your data. Find out more about PowerBI.

Pipeline Management 

Email Tracking

Fast client look-up

Connect to LinkedIn

Lead Scoring

D365 for Marketing

What is D365 for Marketing?

These days we are not easily impressed by generalised marketing driven by large, relatively impersonal data analysis. People want applicable, timely and personalised communications, relevant to their needs.

Many organisations believe themselves to be customer-centric, while their customers may think differently. However the rewards for getting this engagement right are substantial.

Many buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience and having complete customer lifecycle data in one place can help you achieve that.

D365 for Marketing helps you personalise buyer experiences. Create and nurture leads by running targeted, multi-channel campaigns, personalised to each buyer’s journey.

Video: Introduction to D355 for Marketing

Increase productivity with marketing automation features such as pre-made workflows to automatically progress promising leads to drive follow-ups with sales teams.

Break down any silos between sales and marketing teams by using one system to connect the dots.

Sales teams sometimes find it hard to value the long term hard work that goes into marketing. However, an integrated system helps you work alongside all of your teams, to inform, report and collaborate. This makes the whole journey of the customer less of a mystery and far more effective at providing sales with a detailed view of who they are dealing with after the prospect becomes a hot lead.

Integrations are available for your existing marketing applications, such as Asana, Eventbrite, Facebook, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Twilio, Twitter, YouTube... the list goes on. These connectors enable you to keep using your other chosen applications with your D365 marketing system.

Specialised Marketing Software - ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions isn't a Microsoft product but works just like it is, from within the Dynamics 365 platform.

It has been our preferred partner for marketing products for a number of years now. This is largely because they specialise in this area so well, it can often out-perform the Microsoft offering for some customers.

ClickDimensions is comparable to D365 Marketing and often comes in a little more cost effective, depending on the nature of the setup.

To see the full list of ClickDimensions features flick through our ClickDimensions product pages.

Video: Introduction to ClickDimensions


Email Marketing

Web & Email Tracking

Campaign Automation

Reports & Analytics

D365 for Field Service

What is D365 for Field Service?

Field Service is a calendar and location driven scheduling setup for D365 that allows information to be accessed live, in real time, from anywhere and on multiple devices.

This Microsoft developed app extends the out of the box CRM entities seamlessly and introduces resource, workforce and asset management features.

Automatically create and schedule work orders, despatch technicians with the right skill sets and equipment, and enable them to access customer information from their mobile devices.

Complete with a real time mobile experience for remote workers and job assignments. Management capabilities of these via the schedule board.

Video: Introduction to Field Service

The scheduling and routing function can display routes based on mapping software integrated within Dynamics 365 showing distances to and between accounts and field-based resources.

Availability, start and end times and locations are all used for efficient routing of or assignment of resources to service requests.

Use the system to perform predictive maintenance to help you repair, clean, and replace parts only when it's needed. Detect, diagnose, and solve problems before customers realise there’s an issue.

Go one step further to solve complex problems faster with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on HoloLens devices. Technicians stay heads-up and hands-free while sharing what they see with remote experts.

Forecast profitability

Scheduling Engine

Project Planning

Productivity Insights

Intuitive Dashboards

D365 for Charity & NFP

What is D365 for Charity & NFP?

Improve donor relationships, handle, track and review budgets, manage events, control database activity whilst keeping everyone from donors to trustees up to date and connected.

Although some might mistake Microsoft D365 as being for big corporate businesses, in reality it is actually being used in all kinds of organisations, including one of our speciality areas – charity and not-for-profit.

We use Microsoft as the platform in the development of expandable, charity focused systems for many organisations who previously thought their only choice was to be locked into “specialised” bespoke software.

Working like this gives you the freedom and power to direct the set up and development of your system.

Video: What D365 Volunteer Management can do

There are pros and cons to both of course; of which we would always advise you on, should you be looking to explore these differences.

Marketing, Fundraising & Engagement

When it comes to improving fundraising visibility or engagement through digital marketing, the inclusion of ClickDimensions gives you vast options when considering marketing capabilities.

If you are familiar with MailChimp you will appreciate the ease and creativity the the drag and drop email editor allows, and when you need something more, the full HTML editor allows you the option to take full design control.

Should you be looking to add finance to this Dynamics 365 for Finance will work with the rest of Dynamics 365 to enable you to build streamlined processes, create accurate and easily consumable reporting and analytics, and ensure regulatory compliance. Alternatively connect Xero, Sage or Quickbooks to the system.

You could extend the product further with PowerBI, offering real time, extensive reporting with an instant snapshot of your data. Find out more about PowerBI.

These apps can be added to the core product at any time and with the help of Formus Pro, your teams can be up and running with new, modern software in the blink of an eye.

Charity and not-for-profit organisations are offered reduced pricing so call us if you would like to know more.

Donor Management 

Task Tracking

Relationship Optimisation

Email Marketing 

Fundraising Tracking

D365 Business Central

What is D365 Business Central?

Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) is now a little old hat, but only in as much as how software has moved on to include so much more!

MS D365 Business Central is the upgraded solution for improving, streamlining and managing internal business processes, including ERP.

Whether you are implementing software for your operations department or for finance,  Dynamics 365 puts a new spin on this.

One piece of software for everything you need, whether it be Project Management, Operations, Finance, Sales or managing your supply chain.

A global view of your data allows you and your colleagues to make informed decisions using up to the minute information.

Video: Introduction to Business Central

There is no longer a need for multiple different systems. Dynamics comes in “Apps” which can be easily added together making system integration more like plug and play, so if you ever grow or change, your system is able to grow and change with you, with ease!

Stock Control

SLA & Agreements

Works Orders

Purchase Orders


Formus Pro D365 Blended Solution

Pick and Mix your D365 Applications

Want to go about choosing your business solution in a broader, less prescriptive way? Try a Blended Solution.

Every business is different. We can help you identify, include and discuss everything you need, without the added weight of anything you don’t.

A Blended Solution allows businesses of any size and in any industry to pick and choose the exact features and functionality they need.

The very best place to start is with your business objectives.

Find out or ask yourself these three questions:

  1. “What do we want the outcome of this project to be?”
  2. “What organisational processes are we looking to implement or improve?”
  3. “How should these processes be supported by the system?”
One way street signs representing decision making

When you’ve got those three answers clearly defined, the features you want your system to include will come easily.

The best thing about taking this route is that, even if, at that stage you don’t know the best features available to achieve these goals, you will have a Formus Pro technical expert to guide you through the options.

Have more of what you really want, with less of what you don’t.