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Slash costs in your Microsoft Dataverse systems and bring costs as low as £0.10 per Gigabyte!

Running out of storage space is always a concern for businesses on the Microsoft Dataverse platform. Emails, attachments, and bulky records can quickly add up, especially if you want to keep historical records. In recent years, the cost to store this data has soared, meaning hard choices when trying to keep costs down. 

To solve this problem, we created FlexVault. FlexVault is a modern solution that steps in between the Dataverse and your users, instantly serving the data they want, when they need it.

By leveraging the low-cost and blazing speed of Azure storage, you won’t notice a difference in your workflow, but your monthly bill will. 

FlexVault is completely modular, meaning it can fit to any organisation depending on your needs!

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FlexVault is currently undergoing a scheduled rollout; see below for more details on when you can get your hands on each module.

Available Now

FlexVault File

Saves on File Storage

This initial offering for FlexVault cuts out attachment storage issues entirely by moving them into Azure Storage. Once a user requests a file, FlexVault will open it seamlessly.

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Coming Soon

FlexVault Column

Saves on Database Storage

Store your longest database items like emails and chatlogs in Azure Storage then return them instantly when you need them.

Large Columns Module Logo Fixed

FlexVault Audit

Saves on Log Storage

Keep your audit logs securely in Azure and experience a new, integrated browsing experience!

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FlexVault Row

Saves on Database Storage

Store thousands of database records easily in offloaded storage and bring them back up seamlessly.

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Ready to find out more?

Find out how FlexVault can save you money!

FlexVault Pricing - Supported Installations

Getting started with FlexVault is easy and there are two ways to do it: supported or fully managed. A supported FlexVault installation is perfect if you want to maintain total control over the deployment without additional oversight. 

This plan brings the full power of FlexVault with any of the modules above. You will remain responsible for hosting and maintaining the service, but our support team will always be available to install updates and troubleshoot FlexVault issues.

What's Included?


Get everything that FlexVault offers, or pick the modules you need:

  • FlexVault File
  • FlexVault Column (Coming Soon)
  • FlexVault Row (Coming Soon)
  • FlexVault Audit (Coming Soon)
  • 9-5 Support for any issues you have with the service.
  • Lifetime upgrades to FlexVault as and when they are available.
  • Lifetime updates mirroring Microsoft release waves.
  • Installation in all of your environments at no extra cost.

How Much Does It Cost?


FlexVault's supported plan has two pricing components:

  • £500 FlexVault installation fee
  • £50 per module per month, based on a 12-month rolling term per tenant



Adequate performance of the service is dependent on using the appropriate tier of service. If performance is not adequate FormusPro will advise on the most appropriate plan for your organisation.

Fully Managed FlexVault Installations

FlexVault is also available without any of the concerns around installation, operation, or maintenance. By choosing a fully managed plan for your installation, FormusPro will handle all major aspects of the service. This includes hosting so you don’t need to provision your own infrastructure! 


FlexVault will be installed in your system, maintained over time (including the installation of future updates), and removed when it is no longer required.

For as long as you have this plan, your organisation can enjoy the benefits of FlexVault with minimal effort. This plan applies to a single system and Dataverse environment.

What's included?

  • Azure Hosting by FormusPro
  • FlexVault File (Coming Soon)
  • FlexVault Column (Coming Soon)
  • FlexVault Row (Coming Soon)
  • FlexVault Audit (Coming Soon)
  • Full 9-5 support for all aspects of FlexVault
  • Lifetime upgrades to FlexVault as and when they are available.
  • Lifetime updates mirroring Microsoft release waves.

Fully Managed FlexVault Pricing


FlexVault pricing is easy to understand. You pay a usage charge per month depending on how many modules you need plus a small fee for additional storage space.

Usages charges are broken down into tiers, with price scaling depending on your business. The prices below are based on an individual FlexVault Module on a 12-month rolling term per environment. This includes the initial installaton and setup, daily operation, and any ongoing maintenance.

FlexVault scales with your usage of the service - where possible, we will anticipate your required tier and advise.

Per Module


£100 /month
  • Great if you have under 100 D365 users and limited bulk operations. Most customers fit this tier.
Per Module


£200 /month
  • High performance for high-usage environments or where you have up to 500 D365 users.


On request
  • FlexVault works for even the largest organisations and multinational needs. Reach out to us for a free consultation!

Storage Charge

The storage charge is proportional to the size of the data that would otherwise be stored within the Dataverse. The first 10GB of FlexVault storage is free.

Additional storage usage is then charged at just £5 (excluding VAT) per 50 GB per month.

How to get started with FlexVault

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If FlexVault sounds like the solution you need, it's easy to get started.

We can provide an assessment for enabling FlexVault for your system and estimate of how much you could save a year with this solution.

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