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Empowering SMEs with market automation, affordable CRM’s and increased sales engagement

Are you an SME looking to stay competitive in an ever-evolving landscape?

ClickDimensions PowerPack will help increase the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts, increase conversions and win rates and help automate marketing processes.

  • ClickDimensions has overseen 5,000+ CRM and Marketing automation implementations
  • Gartner, Forrester and SBI have all recommended their work
  • Powerpack is based on a combination of buyer-centricity and Forrester's Revenue Waterfall concept.
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  • Affordability: Do you have limited budgets for costly CRM and marketing technology options?
  • Resources: Is your marketing team understaffed or under-skilled?
  • Processes: Not sure how to convert your leads into revenue?
All in one solution

Built For SME's

Simplified account-based Sales & Marketing lies at the core of PowerPack, crafted from a fusion of ClickDimensions' unparalleled expertise in Sales & Marketing Automation implementations and insights from industry giants like Forrester, Gartner, and SBI.

This cutting-edge POV represents a paradigm shift, empowering businesses of all sizes to optimize their revenue stack and revolutionize their sales and marketing strategies.


“The biggest mistake companies make is organizing their Sales & Marketing efforts solely around their own selling actions, rather than aligning with the customer's buying journey. It's crucial to understand that businesses don't make buying decisions; instead, it's groups of 5-10 relevant individuals working within the organization who collectively decide to make a purchase. ClickDimensions PowerPack was specifically developed to address this gap by combining our deep understanding of CRM and Marketing Automation with industry-leading research and best practices. We have simplified the complex processes and systems associated with account-based strategies, making them accessible and affordable for all businesses, no matter their size."

Mike Dickerson - CEO of ClickDimensions,


  • Embrace the buying goup: Instead of fixating on individual leads, prioritise understanding and engaging the collective buying group.
  • Organise around the buying journey: Ensure that sales and marketing efforts are aligned with the needs of buyers at specific milestones, facilitating a smoother and more impactful customer journey.
  • Rethink leads: Redefine leads as contacts that have demonstrated genuine interest, allowing businesses to focus on the most promising opportunities.
  • Emphasise opportunities: By tailoring marketing messages and sales interactions to address the unique perspectives and concerns of each stakeholder, businesses can significantly improve their chances of success.
  • Unify sales & marketing: Break down silos and bring sales and marketing teams together by aligning their efforts and working in concert to deliver a consistent and compelling message throughout the buying experience.