Automated Testing Services

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Software development is a complex, ever-evolving, often frustrating process, and Quality Assurance is key to delivering a successful product. Many organisations, even today, rely on painstaking manual testing of business processes, data input and User Interfaces.

Every powerful platform like Dynamics 365 requires extensive testing. Every new field, every new process introduces possible variations on functionality and a changing User Experience.

Software testing, when done right, allows organisations to assess quality efficiently and effectively, if not always quickly and is based around well-documented repeatable checklists of steps, with acceptance criteria for test success or failure.

Whether it’s running the same test over and over again to check for data integrity or executing a complex multi-step business process for a new feature, if your test is well-structured and runs in a browser, it can be automated.

From Agony to Automated

Automated UI Tests are essentially mini software solutions built to run in a browser session and are intended to replicate the browsing behaviours of a normal user. Much like a typical tester would click from option to option, screen to screen, following their testing checklist an Automated UI test does the same.

Some of the benefits of automated testing over manual are:

  • Greater confidence in replicating tests
  • Easier to scale up and run concurrent tests
  • Run a single test with different data variants
  • Ability to integrate with existing business processes
  • Far fewer, if any, human resource requirements
  • Quicker UAT process

Implementing Automated Testing

With many projects, the biggest roadblock to implementing automated testing effectively is the required skills to do it well – Tests normally have to be written by a developer, using a development environment, and there can be a gap between the testing need and the availability of the developer to create the tests.

With Formus Pro in your corner, you can start seeing the benefits of automated testing, without impacting your existing development resource.

We can help you:

  • Identify the best testing strategy for your projects
  • Provide solution architects to help understand, document and implement that testing strategy
  • Provide dedicated developers to create your tests
  • Help you integrate automated testing into your development process

Automated Testing and Agile Development

Automated UI Testing has a number of huge benefits, and can be plugged into almost any development methodology, but it is only as good as the overall testing strategy.

Automated UI Tests are only one part of the Agile pyramid and will yield the greatest results when operating as part of a solid Agile development methodology, and ideally within a DevOps (Development Operations) process that serves the needs of your business and helps you deliver your product.

If you’re not already using Agile in your organisation, or your think your Agile implementation could be improved, we can help you – We have worked with dozens of organisations of all sizes, and bring decades of experience using Agile. We offer a free agile health check to help evaluate your agile strategy and to see how we can help.

Diagram showing percentage benefits of automated testing within the Agile pyramid

Taking the Next Steps

If you would like to talk to us about how your business testing could be automated, to ask questions about automated testing, or testing strategy, or to arrange a demo of our recommended testing suite, give us a call on 01432 345 191 or contact us via email [email protected]