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Project Service

Project Service is designed to automate some of your project based tasks to better the efficiency across your organisation.

Project Service helps automate communications and flag important records where action is required.  This automation increases productivity, ensuring that the team are focusing on the priorities and ensures a proactive customer experience.

Inventory Management

Inventory management utilises the product features from D365 and can generate stock request and purchase orders for warehouses or directly to customers. Tracking stock across warehouses or remote assets can ensure as stock is used across jobs the relevant items are reordered based on levels set within the application.


The flexibility of D365 and the ability to customise the forms and workflow mean it can be tailored to work specifically for your business model.  Empowering users with the right tool to support them in delivery.

Project Planning, Tracking and Resource Management 

With project planning you can plan projects, create estimates as well as estimate and track project costs and revenue. Giving you transparency over every project in the organisation should you require it. 

You can also forecast the resource requirements for any of the projects that currently sit in your pipeline. Knowing if you have the resource to be able to delivery a project is crucial, this way you will be able to ensure there is always enough resource to allocate to a project. 

Project Progress, Cost Tracking and Integrations

Giving you the toolset required for you to track project progress and cost consumption. Giving you a high level overview of if the project is on track to meet budget and time deadlines. 

You can also manage quoting, pricing and billing for projects from one place ensuring that you are on the right track for all of your projects. 

Integrating Project Service is fairly straight forward especially in Office 365 and Power BI. 

How It Works

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service has a few core elements to ensure effective and coherent business operations. 

Forecast Probability

With real-time insights and reporting available, you could forecast the profitability based on the data you have internally, how long projects will take, increasing the volume of visits per day by increasing efficiency for example. 

Scheduling Engine

From self-service scheduling through to scheduled post-engagement surveys, much of the processes you are completing each day, repetitively could be scheduled.

Project Planning

Planning ahead will allow you to know what time frame you are working to. With project planning you can understand how long tasks will take and plan for the future accordingly. 

Productivity Insights

Gain insights to individual roles in the business and the productivity performance you are seeing from each area of the business. Allowing you to determine where efficiency increases could be made. 

Intuitive Dashboards

Data and dashboards full of performance based information allow you to discover opportunities for improvement in the processes or the delivery of the service. 



A demo of in-development software to the customer for review and feedback.

Front End Configuration

Sometimes known as just Configuration or Config. The adaption of existing components to better suit a user’s needs without the requirement for full development or advanced custom code.

Background Workflow

Another type of workflow which checks when a task is performed behind the scenes (either on a timer or by seeing if another workflow has done something) before performing an action.

Local Government Association

The LGA required a solution that would allow them to update Oscar records to feedback to the Oscar API when required. It also needed to dedupe historical records, with auditing and replace their old legacy code with added member functionality to improve organisational front end searchability.

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