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Dynamics 365 Consultancy

We combine business consultancy with our consultants  technical expertise to make your system the best it can be by using their business experience and technical know-how to put all their knowledge into your systems. 

Our consultants aren’t just technical wizards who can just about hold a conversation, neither are they purely business gurus who can just about work a spreadsheet. Our consultants have both technical know-how and business experience.

This rare combination comes from years of implementing business critical systems in multiple industries and working with stakeholders across all levels within the business.

Bridging the Tech/Business Divide

Have you found there’s a disconnect between your IT team and your decision makers?

We can provide mediation between these two areas by making sense of the complex techy stuff and put it in to real business terms. We can also take business requirements and advise where technical input and considerations will be needed.

Contract Consultancy

Are you a business focused consultancy firm looking after a project for a client that suddenly requires knowledge of software and IT systems?

You can contract our consultants to come in get up to speed quickly with the project and enrich your team with the technical skills needed to fill the gap.

Other skills and experience we can bring include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Solution Architecture
  • Data Analysis
  • Project Management

Project Discovery

Are you wanting to embark on an IT project to solve a problem but want to be sure of its success?

Often companies can steam ahead implementing new systems and development without really stepping back and asking is this the right thing to do and is it the best way to do it?  We can offer a project discovery service where we answer these questions for you.

Why Do I Need Project Discovery?

The benefit of a project discovery piece is that a 3rd party can bring a fresh set of eyes on the issue you are trying to solve and advise what solution is going to be best for you moving forward and fits within your existing architecture.  Although a lot of organisations may look at this like extra time and effort for a project, we find that it actually speeds up delivery of a project and provides a better chance of your project being successful.  

How It Works

There are 5 steps to understanding your project discovery… 

Engage Stakeholders & Check Feasibility

Allows you to involve your stakeholders early on to build their understanding and get them invested and motivated about the project. Identify potential issues or limitations and address them before the time pressure of a project is in play. Or there is the chance you may find that the project simply is not going to work and it’s far better to do that before commencing with the work.

Build Foundations for Design & Management Buy-In

Skims a lot of time of the design and implementation phase as you will already know what is going to work and how it should work. Gives greater chance of management buy-in as we will be able to clearly present what the project is going to do and what benefits it will bring.

Reduce Scope Creep & Accurate Estimates

Clearly defines scope of the project making it easier to plan and keep to timescales. Having done the research and requirements gathering you can provide more accurate estimations of work and budget more effectively.

Increased the Value of the Project

Project discovery often finds other issues that can be fixed as part of the project and/or identify extra benefits that you were not really considering or aware of.


We can comprehensively document what the project is and how to do it. If your project requires other third party IT suppliers then this document will reduce the time needed from them to scope the project.  It can also be used to present the project across your business.


Single Sign On (SSO)

A user authentication scheme allowing a log in with a single username and password to any number of related, yet potentially independent software systems – the idea is, you login once then access any of the related software items.

Campaign Automation 

The automation of dynamic and targeted marketing campaigns using a drag-and-drop interface with with software such as Microsoft’s Customer Insights or ClickDimensions.


Something that occurs in an independent time frame. Such as a process that will run to completion without holding up related processes.


DofE seek to empower young people; to support them as they learn new skills, overcome obstacles, and build confidence and resilience; with a target to give 1,000,000 young people the chance to participate in their life-changing program over the next five years.

The DofE required a solution that would centralise and automate the following processes for them: Licensing, grant management and activity supplier approval through annual surveys.








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