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Power Pages

Secure, easy to use, quick to setup and powerful. Power Pages are a great way to bring together your Microsoft ecosystem.

It can be great to allow your customers to directly interact with your company via a website. Such as managing their membership or services that they receive from you. By giving customers direct access to a portal you can reduce your staffing costs, as well as hurdles and frustrations for your customer.

Quick & Easy Portals 

Power Pages offer an easy and efficient solution to this. With little prerequisite knowledge, it allows for anyone to build responsive and intuitive websites that provide this functionality. Using ready made tools and components it is possible to create a portal in a space of hours, with all the functionality you would expect in a fully developed website.


With tight connectivity with the Microsoft ecosystem and more, concerns about security and integration cease to be a problem. Users of the site are able to create an account with you, or login with many other providers such as a Microsoft, Facebook, or Google account. Once they are connected with you, changes they make within the portal can directly reflect in your internal systems such as a Dynamics 365 implementation.

No-Code Portal Designer 

Using a no-code portal designer you can create, manage website content such as webpages, sitemaps, templates and much more. Using pixel perfect responsive websites is now so much easier. 

Using a designer which is very similar to your current drag and drop website content management system, the user interface couldn’t be simpler. 



Power Pages allows you to build custom websites which can be shared with users external to your company. Using a no-code portal designer you can create, manage website content such as webpages, sitemaps, templates and much more. Using pixel perfect responsive websites is now so much easier. 

These are built in a very similar way to your average customer facing website, but designed to give access 

Key Features

Power Pages have the functionality to add an additional dimension to your customer service. Bringing your users to a custom made portal. 


Using the no-code portal designer you can design your website to meet your brand requirements, while not needing the coding knowledge to build a web page 

Customer & Partner Engagement 

Create websites to share with users external to your organisation through the log in provider of your choice, such as Linked In or a Microsoft account. 

Integration With Microsoft Services

Easily embed Power BI, Microsoft Flow and SharePoint to your Power Apps Portal, alongside a wide range of Azure applications. 

Model Complex Business Processes

Using the same developer capabilities as CDS you can extend your websites and cater to the more complex ideas you have. 

Redefine The Possible 

Power App Portals puts the power back in your hands, enabling you to reduce the coding needed to develop the applications to better evolve your business. 


Tenant Admin

In-house Microsoft administrator – they have responsibility for their company’s logins, create email accounts and reset passwords. Usually a member of IT.


A Microsoft service that allows for easy automation of repetitive tasks.

Front End

The area of a system that users interact with. It sits in front of the back end as a transitional layer, providing the graphical and structural interface for the user.

Anthony Nolan

For 12 years we have has an ongoing relationship with Anthony Nolan since we first embarked on a digital transformation journey together. With a range of implementations and solutions over the years, this transformation is constantly evolving.

Anthony Nolan wanted to move their Dynamics 2016 On-Premise solution into Dynamics 365 Online. This would mean less reliance on internal servers to maintain and run the platform. They would also benefit from the Microsoft Update process, continuously making new features available.




FormusPro is a top


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