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Local Government

Helping Local Governments embrace digital transformation to streamline operations and improve the lives of their constituents.

We understand that the right technology, at the right time, can deliver the perfect experience to your constituents.

Discover how other councils are embracing digital transformation to enhance their citizens lives.

Omnichannel Enabled CRM’s

We understand people are different and will want to communicate with you in a variety of ways.

Email, phone, contact forms, social media, text, WhatsApp – All that information needs to be captured and stored to improve services, whilst still being GDPR compliant.

Data Is King

Our extensive experience in the Local Government sector has shown us that data is the key to the successful transformation journey. Without the right data (and CRM backing it up) it can be hard to avoid data siloes, missed opportunities and increased mistakes.


Digital Transformation

FormusPro’s experienced consultants will  remove any obstacle to your digital transformation and work with you to build bespoke applications based on the Power Platform that easily integrate into your existing systems.

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The paths that facilitate a sequence of tasks carried out automatically, behind the scenes, to process data. e.g. from being undone to done, or raw to processed.


The process involved in planning, designing, creating, programming, testing, bug fixing, improving and troubleshooting software or application code.


A lasting collection of computer system data or other records that are in long term storage.

Local Government Association

The LGA required a solution that would allow them to update Oscar records to feedback to the Oscar API when required. It also needed to dedupe historical records, with auditing and replace their old legacy code with added member functionality to improve organisational front end searchability.

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