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Professional Services

Empowering Professional Service Providers to innovate, grow and thrive in the era of digital transformation

The biggest challenge in Professional Services has always been in not just meeting, but exceeding customer experience expectations.

FormusPro understand that challenge intimately as it’s always been our philosophy too.

That’s why we provide seamless digital transformations all backed up by expert sector knowledge.

Tomorrow’s Tech, Today

Whatever you’re doing withing Professional Services, be it legal, accounting architecture or IT, the right tech, at the right time, will always empower you to optimise your processes and productivity; letting you leverage the most billable hours in the most efficient way.

Seamless Integrations

Fed up of balancing multiple tech stacks with differing partners? With FormusPro and the awesome power of Microsoft, you can enjoy a seamless (and compliant) solution all under one roof.

End-To-End Security

From data residency controls to storage policy management, FormusPro offers a comprehensive security solution tailored to all of your unique needs.

Our consultants have the expertise to support you, your goals and your tech-stack.

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System Health Check

Where we evaluate your system configuration, usability, user issues, quality and efficiency of data and produce a report of our findings.


An acronym for Application Programming Interface. An interface that allows software to be extended or integrated with other software

Azure DevOps

Microsoft’s development and operations management software.

Premium Credit Ltd

We worked with the Premium Credit team as partners on a number of a large and ongoing transformation projects within D365. By getting to really know the team and their business model we have been able to create solutions and processes that have had a real impact on their business.

FormusPro are a top


Scale Up Tech Company – 2024

We have


offices globally

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To find out about how we create systems around the Microsoft D365 platform or to ask us about the specific industry focused digital management systems we create, get in touch.

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