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Clean Energy

Modern technology is poised to help the world meet climate targets by speeding problem-solving around shifting to renewable energy sources like solar, hydro, geothermal, and wind.

Explore Microsoft technologies that help drive energy transformation and achieve your net-zero commitments through emissions reductions and decarbonisation. Microsoft for Energy solutions through FormusPro will help you meet expectations and regulations whilst adapting your business operations toward net zero.

That’s why we provide seamless digital transformations all backed up by expert sector knowledge.

Empower Your Workforce

Attract, train, and retain employees for your next-generation workforce by equipping them with the skills and technologies to drive your transformation into a sustainable energy operator and service provider.

Build For The Future

Fed up of balancing multiple tech stacks with differing partners? With FormusPro and the awesome power of Microsoft, you can enjoy a seamless (and compliant) solution all under one roof.

End-To-End Security

From data residency controls to storage policy management, FormusPro offers a comprehensive security solution tailored to all of your unique needs.

Our consultants have the expertise to support you, your goals and your tech-stack.

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Tenant Admin

In-house Microsoft administrator – they have responsibility for their company’s logins, create email accounts and reset passwords. Usually a member of IT.

Third Party App Integration

Connecting a 3rd party application to your system, to allow for the exchange of data (e.g. linking Dynamics 365 with Xero for transfer of data for accounting purposes.)

Back End

The area of a piece of software that does is not intended to be visible to its users and will not typically have a visual user interface. Is usually responsible for the logic and data storage of an application.


DofE seek to empower young people; to support them as they learn new skills, overcome obstacles, and build confidence and resilience; with a target to give 1,000,000 young people the chance to participate in their life-changing program over the next five years.





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