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Field Service

This Microsoft developed app extends the out of the box CRM entities seamlessly and introduces resource, workforce and asset management features.

Field Service is a calendar and location driven scheduling setup for D365 that allows information to be accessed live, in real time, from anywhere and on multiple devices.

Microsoft Dyncamics 365 Field Service

Automatically create and schedule work orders, despatch technicians with the right skill sets and equipment, and enable them to access customer information from their mobile devices.

Complete with a real time mobile experience for remote workers and job assignments. Management capabilities of these via the schedule board.

Scheduling and Routing

The scheduling and routing function can display routes based on mapping software integrated within Dynamics 365 showing distances to and between accounts and field-based resources.

Availability, start and end times and locations are all used for efficient routing of or assignment of resources to service requests.

Adapting To The Future

Use the system to perform predictive maintenance to help you repair, clean, and replace parts only when it’s needed. Detect, diagnose, and solve problems before customers realise there’s an issue.

Go one step further to solve complex problems faster with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on HoloLens devices. Technicians stay heads-up and hands-free while sharing what they see with remote experts.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service?

From automation, to future planning Field Service has everything to bring your business to the forefront of digital transformation. 

But for now, a real time system, allowing you to update by the minute and increase efficiency across your organisation is a must to stay ahead of the competition.

From Automated communication with your team in the field, to post engagement surveys, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is the one-stop-shop you need to enhance your organisational efficiency even further. 

How It Works

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service has a few elements to it, which when used in streamline, can re-imagine the possible for your business. 

Forecast Profitability

With real-time insights and reporting available, you could forecast the profitability based on the data you have internally, how long projects will take, increasing the volume of visits per day by increasing efficiency for example. 

Scheduling Engine

From self-service scheduling through to scheduled post-engagement surveys, much of the processes you are completing each day, repetitively could be scheduled.

Project Planning

Planning ahead will allow you to know what time frame you are working to. With project planning you can understand how long tasks will take and plan for the future accordingly. 

Productivity Insights

Gain insights to individual roles in the business and the productivity performance you are seeing from each area of the business. Allowing you to determine where efficiency increases could be made. 

Intuative Dashboards

Data and dashboards full of performance based information allow you to discover opportunities for improvement in the processes or the delivery of the service. 


Solutions Architect

Specialises in overseeing, directing, problem-solving and implementing best practice to assist the successful execution of complex or business-critical systems.

Out of the Box

Sometimes shortened to OOB or OOTB. Also called off the shelf or off the peg. In software, it usually means as it comes, with pre-existing default functionality as standard. No customisation.

Data Cleansing

The process of removing or archiving old, duplicate, or irrelevant data from a computer system, to give it a cleaner feel or to comply with data protection regulations.

Little Princess Trust

The Little Princess Trust (LPT) identified the need for digital transformation, which would take the form of a system encompassing almost all areas of the organisation.

The system needed to be intuitive, integrate with other services, consolidate disparate information and create a sustainable and extensible solution for use well into the future.


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