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Struggling with your current CRM? Need a new ERP solution?  Just want to learn more about Dynamics 365? We’re pretty sure we’ll have the right webinar for you.

We ask the hard questions and discuss the tough topics with experts from Microsoft, a variety of sectors and our own, incredibly knowledgeable staff.

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We cover a lot of issues that affect NonProfit organisations, from donor management to volunteer churn. We talk a lot of strategy around implementing CRMs, ERPs and AI and we take a more technical look at some subjects for all the developers out there too…

Accelerating Your Fundraising With Microsoft’s NonProfit Accelerator for Dynamics – Right Out of the Box!

In this engaging session, you’ll discover how Microsoft’s NonProfit Accelerator empowers organisations like yours to accelerate fundraising initiatives, from donor management to campaign tracking and beyond.
25th June 11:00 CST

The Art Of The Possible – Empowering NonProfits With Microsoft’s Power Platform

Microsoft’s Power Platform offers a suite of powerful tools that can easily transform how your organisation operates, engages, and grows. Join the Microsoft Tech For Social Impact team with FormusPro, a Microsoft Business Solutions partner, for an insightful webinar exploring how to leverage these tools to achieve your mission.
30th May 12:00 CST

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The paths that facilitate a sequence of tasks carried out automatically, behind the scenes, to process data. e.g. from being undone to done, or raw to processed.

Configuration (Config)

The adaptation and reshaping of existing code functionality to create a CRM tailored to your needs. Quicker and less complex method of achieving customisation.

Business Process Flow

A sequence of steps followed one after the other to allow for data to be captured with consistently. Similar to Workflows, Business Process Flow’s always require the user to navigate the steps manually, instead of this being completed automatically in the background.

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