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What We Do

We’re a Microsoft Business Applications Solutions Partner who specialize in helping businesses, SMEs and NonProfits of all sizes digitally transform the way they work with customizable, user friendly, all-in-one software solutions.

Our team are experts across the Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack, including Dynamics 365 and Office 365. We provide consultancy, training, support and development to help your organization get the most out of the Microsoft Business Application suite. 

Dynamics 365 System Build

System Build is an affordable, customizable, user-friendly solution supported by us to work harder for you.

We pride ourselves on being able to meet any challenge. If your business is big or small, your needs simple or complex, we’ve a design and implementation plan that works for you.

Microsoft 365 Software Support

Designed to give you peace of mind, support means you have the option of passing complex, or troublesome CRM issues over to us. 

Support covers CRM issues on functionality, configuration or customisation depending on service level agreement.

Continuous Improvement

Continue to improve and streamline your intelligent business system, using the direction and evolution of your own business to shape your future.

No company wants to be locked into a system that can’t grow and flex. Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Continuous Improvement Packages were created to support you to ensure you’re constantly evolving.

Dynamics 365 Consultancy

We combine business consultancy with our consultants technical expertise to make your system the best it can be.

By using their business experience and technical know-how to put all their knowledge into your system ensuring that your business will always have the best tools. 

Microsoft Software Training

Our training offers exist to ensure everyone has the level of knowledge and understanding they need to fully harness any system.

We know it’s not always comfortable but we’re here to make it as easy as possible. With four types of training, there’s something for everyone. 

Automated Testing Services

Affordable, customizable, user firendly software, supported by us, to work harder for you. 

Whether it’s running the same test over and over again to check for data integrity or executing a complex multi-step business process for a new feature, if your test is well-structured and runs in a browser, it can be automated.

Microsoft Dynamics Project Rescue

Save your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project, no matter how far down the rabbit hole you think you might be.

Business implementation is a complex engine. Through proper scoping, detailed documentation and efficient planning we can help you secure a successful project delivery. 

System Health Check

Are you unhappy or unsure of your current CRM or ERP system performance? Think it could do better? You aren’t alone. 

Try out our Dynamics 365 System Health Check and revive you CRM performance by finding out how you could improve your solution. 

Enterprise Development

Modern Software. In Production. On Time. Enterprise development, as it should be.

With access to forward thinking, customer focused and socially conscious tech you can truly transform your business. With cloud native applications that are scalable and secure by default, you’ll be sure to have all of your content, up to date in one place. 



The paths that facilitate a sequence of tasks carried out automatically, behind the scenes, to process data. e.g. from being undone to done, or raw to processed.

Software Consultant

Highly knowledgeable in their key areas. Specialises in training, assessing, improving and troubleshooting. Usually advise rather than overseeing but are capable of both.

Knowledge Base (KB)

Centralised Library of FormusPro troubleshooting documents. Giving easy access to information that would otherwise require a support ticket.

Anthony Nolan

For 12 years we’ve had an ongoing relationship with Anthony Nolan. With a range of implementations and solutions over the years, this transformation is constantly evolving.

Anthony Nolan wanted to move their Dynamics 2016 On-Premise solution into Dynamics 365 Online. This would mean less reliance on internal servers to maintain and run the platform. They would also benefit from the Microsoft Update process, continuously making new features available.

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