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Charity & NFP

Although some might mistake Microsoft D365 as being for big corporate businesses, in reality it is actually being used in all kinds of organisations, including one of our speciality areas – charity and not-for-profit.

Improve donor relationships, handle, track and review budgets, manage events, control database activity whilst keeping everyone from donors to trustees up to date and connected.

Charity & Not For Profit Solutions

We use Microsoft as the platform in the development of expandable, charity focused systems for many organisations who previously thought their only choice was to be locked into “specialised” bespoke software.

Working like this gives you the freedom and power to direct the set up and development of your system.

There are pros and cons to both of course; of which we would always advise you on, should you be looking to explore these differences.


When it comes to improving fundraising visibility or engagement through digital marketing, the inclusion of ClickDimensions gives you vast options when considering marketing capabilities.

If you are familiar with MailChimp you will appreciate the ease and creativity the the drag and drop email editor allows, and when you need something more, the full HTML editor allows you the option to take full design control.

Fundraising & Engagement

Should you be looking to add finance to this Dynamics 365 for Finance will work with the rest of Dynamics 365 to enable you to build streamlined processes, create accurate and easily consumable reporting and analytics, and ensure regulatory compliance. Alternatively connect Xero, Sage or Quickbooks to the system.

You could extend the product further with PowerBI, offering real time, extensive reporting with an instant snapshot of your data. Find out more about PowerBI.

These apps can be added to the core product at any time and with the help of FormusPro, your teams can be up and running with new, modern software in the blink of an eye.

Grants Available 

At the moment, Microsoft are offering a wide range of technology based grants to Non Profit organisations, to allow them to embark on a digital transformation journey at a reduced cost. 

The reduced pricing that you could be eligible for is just around the corner. Be sure to get in touch with us today to find out what you are legible for. 

How It Works

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Charity & NFP has a few core elements to ensure an increase in productivity and a reduction in cost. 

Donor Management

Grow your donor base using connected data, built-in engagement tools and easy reporting tools. Giving you the ability to save time and make the user experience a better one.

Task Tracking

Staying on top of the tasks you are assigned and ensuring everyone is on the same page can be difficult, but with the task tracking element of Dynamics, it couldn’t be easier.

Relationship Optimisation

Staying on top of the relationships you build is crucial, from donors to patients everyone involved is of huge importance, which is why ensuring great communication is at the top of most poeple’s list. 

Email Marketing 

Advertising through email to your existing contacts can be a great way to stay in touch, and potentially increase the donations you receive in a month. Having everything in one place is great, right? 

Fundraising Tracking

Knowing where you are on your fundraising journey is important to know where you are as a charity. Now it has been made simple, with an easy fundraising tracking tool with in Microsoft Dynamics 365. 


Super User

System user or guardian within your organisation who has a good understanding of the software. These people are ideal for Administration training sessions.


A method for managing and grading requirements using a rating of “Must”, “Should”, “Could” or “Would”.

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing evolution of your system’s functionality, to bring about gradual improvement to the system in manageable chunks.

Little Princess Trust

The Little Princess Trust (LPT) identified the need for digital transformation, which would take the form of a system encompassing almost all areas of the organisation.

The system needed to be intuitive, integrate with other services, consolidate disparate information and create a sustainable and extensible solution for use well into the future.


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