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Customer Service

Track all important phone calls, emails and appointments directly in D365. Enable your business to view a 360 degree view of your customers and your developing relationships.

Customer Service is what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was made for in its first instance. Now, it has become a further sophisticated and structured tool for implementing customer service management and strategy.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Use it to manage who, what, where, when and how all contacts and customers are all looked after. Handle contact management, workflow and productivity with a focus on strengthening your organisation’s valuable relationships – whether that be with clients, customers, investors, donors, service users, stake holders or suppliers.


Replace unwanted spreadsheets and inconsistent address books. Consolidate customer data into a centralised system and aggregate the most pertinent information to allow each system user the level of access and information appropriate to their roles and responsibilities.

Available Anywhere On Any Device

In a world where remote work is becoming more and more frequent, the need to access your companies content on more than just a PC in the office is at it’s peak. 

From PC to mobile, the Customer Service application in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance can be accessed from anywhere. 


Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service has been developed over time to ensure that everything that you could need to support your customer service teams is in one place. 

Gone are the times where you need to have hundred of tabs open for email, for SMS, for contact information, for your notes. Now it is all centralised in one place. 

Removing the need for multiple spreadsheets and not up to date contact books for each of your users, and now host everything in one place, where notes are shared and the content is harmonised, ensuring the customer will get the same messages across the board. 

How It Works

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service has a few core elements to ensure a streamlined approach to communicating with your customers. 

Contact Management 

Being able to manage the way you engage with your contacts is essential. With so many channels of opportunity, tailoring their experience to what they enjoy most is essential to keep them happy. 

Fast Look Up 

For quick and efficient access to your contacts, there is a fast look up feature, allowing your to search for a contact based on certain parameters.

Relationship Tracking

Everything is connected. The audience expect to be able to contact the company, instead of an individual in the business. Providing a service where everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet is essential. 

Customer Insights

Providing unique insights to individual roles in the business using data collected from other areas, gives each member of staff an overview of how the relationship is with a specific contact. Tailoring their experience based on previous engagements. 

SMS Communication

Many companies now use SMS communication as one of the favoured communication methods to their customers. This is something that can be done directly through Microsoft Dynamics. 



The process of switching off or removing software or functions considered to be obsolete.


The process involved in planning, designing, creating, programming, testing, bug fixing, improving and troubleshooting software or application code.

Business Process Flow

A sequence of steps followed one after the other to allow for data to be captured with consistently. Similar to Workflows, Business Process Flow’s always require the user to navigate the steps manually, instead of this being completed automatically in the background.

Little Princess Trust

The Little Princess Trust (LPT) identified the need for digital transformation, which would take the form of a system encompassing almost all areas of the organisation. The system needed to be intuitive, integrate, consolidate and create a sustainable and extensible solution for use well into the future.

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