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Dynamics 365 Support

Designed to give you peace of mind, support means you have the option of passing complex, or troublesome CRM issues over to us. 

Support covers CRM issues on functionality, configuration or customisation depending on service level agreement. For example, adding or renaming fields, setting up basic reports or alerting us to any bugs or business critical issues to fix.

FormusPro Custom App Support – From £50 Per App pcm ex VAT

FormusPro Apps are our tailored software packages. Software specially made for specific departments or industries, all usable out of the box but further customisable to fit your individual business though configuration.

System change requests are not included in app support as our app systems are designed to be customised and not redesigned. However, should there be a bug or you desire a change that goes beyond the standard parameters of the system, we offer the option to upgrade or review on a case by case basis.

Queries are raised as support tickets online through a password-protected support portal created for your company. Here you can set your preferences, log your issues and access your own client-specific CRM Knowledge Base.

SME Custom System Support – From £500 pcm ex VAT

Our SME support covers a more complex set of criteria to suit systems that have been developed beyond our standard FormusPro App systems.

Examples of systems requiring such support would include those with third party integrations, plug-ins, or more complex process flows.

Due to the complex nature of customised systems, this option allows for 10 hours of help desk support per calendar month.

If you have more complex support needs, including support of systems which have been heavily customised or integrated, or you require Azure environment support or escalation to senior architects, our Enterprise Custom System Support Package could be right for you.

Support is offered over the phone or via online client-specific portals.

Enterprise Custom System Support – From £500+ pcm ex VAT 

Mission critical, business essential systems are at the of heart of operational success. Many businesses choose this level of support because it offers extra hands on deck, access to our senior architects and regular contact should it be required.

This option is suitable for any clients with wide scale customisations to their system. This could include advanced frontend configuration changes, back end development, or integrations with existing systems.

Advanced back end customisations such as plug-ins, function apps, and custom workflows are all covered by Enterprise Custom System Support. What’s more, we can also provide support for your Azure environment.

Support is offered over the phone or via online client-specific portals, and is available to all your staff, from end-users to developers.


Finding The Right Support

Finding the right support package for your business can be a challenge, but don’t worry. We are on hand to help. Below we have a step by step guide to finding the right support package for you. 

But if you find it easier to pick up the phone and talk with one of our specialists, this can be arranged too. We have a contact us form at the bottom of the page, we look forward to hearing from you. 

What is best for you?

Finding the right support package. A quick and easy guide to finding the cover you need for your organisation. 

What Level Of Customisation Do You Have? 

If you require support for a high level of customised platform, then the Enterpirse Customised System Support will be the best package for you, offering you the highest level of flexibility we offer. 

However if you are looking for support for one of our own FormusPro application packages perhaps the FormusPro Applications Support could fit your requirements better. 

Do You Need System Change Requests?

If you need system change requests, these are only covered in our Enterprise Customised System Support packages, however if it is something you require, but you’re on one of our other support packages, then system change requests can be done but will be covered through our continuous improvement packages. 

How Do You Want To Raise A Ticket? 

Luckily all of our support packages offer the ability to have support over the phone, or online.

Support is offered over the phone or via online client-specific portals. But only the Enterprise Level covers team member integration.

How Many Hours Of Support Do You Need Per Month? 

Each tier of support offers a different time allowance per month for support. 

  • FormusPro Custom App Support – Unlimited 1 Hour PCM during office hours
  • SME Custom System Support – 10 Hours PCM during office hours
  • Enterprise Custom System Support – Hours arranged to suit you

Do You Need Regular Progress Meetings? 

Sometimes it is good to keep track on what is going on. So we have added Regular progress meetings as a standard part to our enterprise level offering. 


Model Driven App

Data-focused type of PowerApp that is defined by its business use. All of the apps that make up Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement products such as D365 for Sales are examples of these.

Front End Configuration

Sometimes known as just Configuration or Config. The adaption of existing components to better suit a user’s needs without the requirement for full development or advanced custom code.

End User

A person using a system, typically on a regular basis for everyday tasks within their job function.

Anthony Nolan

For 12 years we have has an ongoing relationship with Anthony Nolan since we first embarked on a digital transformation journey together. With a range of implementations and solutions over the years, this transformation is constantly evolving.

Anthony Nolan wanted to move their Dynamics 2016 On-Premise solution into Dynamics 365 Online. This would mean less reliance on internal servers to maintain and run the platform. They would also benefit from the Microsoft Update process, continuously making new features available.

Oldest Client Relationship





Scale Up Tech Company – 2024

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