Continuous Improvement

 Continue to improve and streamline your intelligent business system, using the direction and evolution of your own business as it evolves.

Continuous Improvement Pricing

Continuous Improvement

£750 PCM Ex VAT
  • 1 day pcm with a Software consultant
  • Best practice support & co-creation
  • System health check consultancy
  • Modify/add new fields & views
  • Modify/add advanced reports & dashboards
  • Back end development changes or additions
  • Third-party app integration
  • Bespoke web portal development


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  • Our enterprise solutions are designed for the larger or more complex set ups.

    Usually supporting organisations with comprehensive business models and dedicated departments to manage specific applications for areas such as IT, operations, sales and marketing.

    Our team of developers, functional and software consultants, project managers and solutions architects will work closely with you. Together you could create a system you will wonder how you ever lived without.

Continuous Improvement

No company wants to be locked into a system that can’t grow and flex. We know the importance of a system that you feel empowered by, that saves you time and effort and can be built upon or improved over time.

We know that you don’t want to have to go through the whole process again, so we put together our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Continuous Improvement (CI) Packages to help keep you and your system working to best practice.

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Continuous Improvement Packages were created to support just that; the improvement of your business through your system, as and when you change your strategies.

Avoid the large chunks of time and money on “big project” style work by moving in manageable steps, to reflect your own natural progression.

We advise at least once a month in the early stages after a new deployment and once a quarter after that. However, it's up to you. You choose how often you review and improve.

Ask about our discounts for those who would like more than one consultancy day a month.

We have 3 different CI options to choose from, all for streamlining and adapting your system.

All Continuous Improvement packages support:

  • Changing, adding or updating additional CRM fields, views, reports and dashboards
  • Improving & supporting your team's user adoption and productivity
  • Allowing for the growth of the company to dictate the improvement of existing D365 systems
  • Implementing changes in your own time, outside a single deployment project timeline

Glossary of terms

Solutions Architect

Specialises in overseeing, directing, problem solving and implementing best practice to assist the successful execution of complex or business critical systems.

Software Consultant

Highly knowledgeable in their key areas. Specialises in training, assessing, improving and trouble shooting. Usually advise rather than overseeing but are capable of both.

System Health Check

Where we evaluate your system configuration, usability, user issues, quality and efficiency of data and produce a report of our findings.

Configuration (Config)

The adaptation and reshaping of existing code functionality to create a CRM tailored to your needs.


A very loose a term in the software world. To mean the modifying of a system, usually with little indication of the technical scope behind it. Its always good to find out more detail when talking about customisation.

Backend Development

Designing sophisticated code that allows for extensive changes or improvements to functionality. A highly technical method of customisation.

Continuous Improvement

Tier 2 Continuous Improvement offers a day a month of specialist Technical Consultancy, designed to highlight, review and action business system changes over time. Look at how streamlining can help make tasks easier, quicker or more efficient to perform.

As part of all our CI packages we carry out a System Health Check. Together we evaluate your system configuration, usability, user issues, quality and efficiency of data. A report with an overview of your existing system is produced from this with suggestions and suggestions on areas of improvement given your organisational growth or business changes over time.

With T2CI or T3CI you have greater flexibility to act on more complex improvements and customisation.

You receive consultancy and technical provision in evaluating, updating and modifying your system fields, views, dashboards or reports to your requirements as with T1CI. However, you also have the option to work on bespoke web portal improvement or work on high level customisation in the form of back end development.

At this level integration of third-party apps such as SendinBlue, Gravity Forms or Trello is included, giving you the option to improve or use more of these applications with your CRM and extend your capabilities further, without having to reinvent the wheel.

More in-depth change plans or larger software architecture may need more than a Software Consultant. Speak to us for a clearer idea or choose from our T3 or Enterprise Continuous Improvement offerings to access our highest level Solution Architects.

Works well for organisations who:

Use 3rd party apps that require more than off the shelf connectivity

Have fewer than 100 users or have a standard D365 CRM system setup

Would benefit co-production, support and advice of a Software Consultant

T2CI Cost: £750 one day per calendar month (excluding VAT) on a 12 month contract.

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Continuous Improvement - Enterprise

Tier 3 Continuous Improvement is our high-level consultant offering.
Where the other two tiers cover similar areas of improvement support, this tier deploys our specialised high level Solution Architects to see you through the process.

Their subject matter expertise delivers the highest-level of mentoring and troubleshooting across interoperability programmes and covers all sizes and complexities of software architecture.

Although all of our hybrid consultants have the ability to translate the technical into plain English, a Solutions Architect is the highest choice in leading change and delivering outcomes.

At this level you receive high level technical support throughout the delivery of solutions to meet the changing requirements of the business, support your IT Strategy and align with your IT architecture.

Architecture considerations include infrastructure, data, applications, integration, interfaces, scalability, and performance, as well as product transition and support documentation.

Its important to note that improvement projects, especially at a higher levels of infrastructure typically take more than a single day.

Works well for organisations who:

Use 3rd party apps that require more than off the shelf connectivity

Have 100+ users or large system architecture

Are looking for comprehensive continuous improvement support

Want high level co-production support from a Solutions Architect

T3CI Cost: £840 one 8 hour day per calendar month (excluding VAT) on a 12 month contract.

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