Dynamics 365 System Build

Affordable, customisable, user friendly software, supported by us, to work harder for you.

A Brand-New Solution

Perhaps your company is expanding, or you’ve been eyeing up the many benefits of having good business software. Whatever the reason, you’re at the most exciting stage of the journey – a new system.

Why we are a Good Fit

We pride ourselves on being able to meet any challenge. If your business is big or small, your needs simple or complex, we have a design and implementation plan that works for you.

We know that our formula works, but we don’t expect your business to be like any other. This means that regardless of the challenges involved in building you the perfect system, we’ll fit our process to meet your needs.

This could be your first system, you might be replacing legacy software, or looking to integrate with an existing ecosystem. We have the experience and expertise to make it work.

Do It Your Way

We know that the success of a system implementation can often be in how it’s managed. Because of this, we’ve made sure it’s one of our specialist subjects.

However, your new system could be part of a larger project, or perhaps you’re looking for a partner that is able to work alongside the in-house resource you already have.  Whatever the reason, we appreciate that you might not need us to handle everything for you.

Our involvement in the build of the system can be as much or as little as you require. We can manage the whole process through every stage, or just provide the technical resource you need to fill the gaps. Our experts can fit into the roles you need, follow the methodologies you use, and tightly integrate with your internal processes.

Options available to you

We have two options available when it comes to new system implementations.

Managed and Un-Managed - please select one of the options below to find out more about each service. Both follow the same phases in the diagram but with different levels of support.

The Process

Diagram showing stages of a managed build process

What to Expect – Managed Build

If you’re looking for a brand-new system, project managed and built with minimal involvement. This is what you can expect.

  1. Kick-Off

We like to begin things with a kick-off call to introduce some of the key people who will be doing the scoping, development and support of your new system. We want you to know you’re in good hands.

  1. Scoping

Our process for scoping a new system is fine-tuned but flexible. We know how to unearth and understand the intricacies of your business processes and translate them into effective software. We’ll get to know what makes your business tick.

  1. Design Review

After one or more visits we’ll begin to define the requirements of your new system. At this stage we’ll discuss them with you and grade them with MoSCoW, weighing them against budget and time constraints. At this point we work out the approach that’s best for you, looking at options such as phased deliveries.

  1. Preparation and Build

The final requirements are translated into technical tasks inside of the Azure DevOps software. Super-users from your business are nominated to have access to DevOps for insight into the development process. We then begin our agile development cycles to complete the build of your system with regular playbacks to ensure that the requirements are being satisfied effectively.

  1. Governance

To keep you fully informed through the whole development process we’ll hold regular governance calls. During these calls we’ll update you with our progress and give you opportunity to provide feedback or raise any questions you might have. We think it’s important that you feel part of the project at every stage.

  1. Testing and Sign-Off

As development finishes and your system begins to take its final form, you have opportunity to test for suitability and feed-back any minor changes before the system go-live.

  1. Training

With your system nearly ready to go, we work out a Training Plan that ensures your users are confident and effective in using it from the moment they have access.

  1. Go-Live

With your system finished it’s time to begin using it. A date is set, and our expert consultants ensure that it’s a smooth and efficient process.

  1. Support and Beyond

Your system is finished and supporting your business; however, the journey doesn’t end there. We provide a variety of Support plans to best fit your size and needs, ensuring that you’re never without a helping hand. Furthermore, businesses evolve and grow, and your system should too. We can continue to develop and expand on its functionality with future phases and our Continuous Improvement packages.

What to Expect – Unmanaged Build

If you’re looking for a system where your company takes a more active involvement in the system build, this what it can look like with us.

  1. Kick-Off

To understand how we can best fulfil your needs, we’ll hold one or more meetings to understand the extent of our services that are required. We’ll then assign the appropriate resource and introduce them.

  1. Scoping

It may be that you have already scoped the system you intend to have built. If not, we’ll follow our usual processes to help elicit the requirements.

  1. Design Review

With the scoping complete, we’ll define the requirements into firm deliverables. If you already have a design complete, we’ll review it and provide any feedback we feel is relevant and discuss how it will be delivered.

  1. Preparation and Build

With the system ready to be built, we’ll familiarise ourselves with your internal project management and DevOps software, as well any development processes and methodologies that your company uses.

  1. Governance

Throughout the development process, we’ll hold regular governance calls. During these calls, we’ll discuss the progress made so far and ensure that everything is on-track.

  1. Testing and Sign-Off

As development finishes, our consultants will follow your in-house testing processes to ensure that the software produced is of the best possible standard.

  1. Training

If your company requires resource to train its users in the usage of the system we can decide on a Training Plan that fits your needs.

  1. Go-Live

Once the system is finished, we can offer as much or as little support as required for moving it into production.

  1. Support

With the system now in use we can provide one of our Support plans to best fit your needs. Our support can operate independently or integrate into your own services.

Something Extra

We understand that commissioning a new system can be a daunting task, we aim to make it as easy as possible. We have some further services that might be able to help:

Feasibility Study

It can sometimes feel difficult to know whether a new system is the right choice for your business. We can perform a feasibility study to identify what challenges could be solved with software, and quantify the advantages that it would bring, making your decision easier and more informed.

System Health Check

You may currently have a system in place that’s failing to serve its purpose. We can provide a free system health check that can help you understand whether it is time to replace it or move on.

Project Rescue

Its possible that you’ve already begun a system implementation, but things aren’t going quite to plan. Before you give up, consider our project rescue service!