D365 System Health Check

Unhappy or unsure of your current CRM or ERP system performance? Try our D365 System Health Check.

Why a D365 health check could be a good place to start.

We often see systems that stop developing after implementation.

It is easy to lose sight of the reasons you got a CRM system and whether you are getting the many benefits it provides.

Our Dynamics Health Check gives you the opportunity to explore how to realise these benefits and map out how to keep growing the system in the future.

Our advice and guidance can help you get the best return on investment from your system.

What's Included in Your D365 Health Check?

Process Review

In a process review, we look to engage with all areas of the business to map out existing processes and analyse where the system is aiding your processes well and more importantly where the system is holding you back.

It is important to involve various levels within the business across all departments to see where any pain points lie.  This will also help gain a view of how good user adoption is, do users know their processes and follow them correctly.

Are users suffering from a lack of or inadequate training in Dynamics?

As experienced CRM consultants, we bridge the gap between your processes and your personnel, providing a review of how these can be improved and supported by Dynamics.

D365 Health Check List

  • Process Review
  • Feature Review
  • Code Review
  • Upgrade Analysis
  • Data Health Check
  • Licencing and Storage Costs check
  • Health Check Documentation

Feature Review

There are almost certainly features of your existing Dynamics package that you aren’t utilising.

Did you know that twice a year, Microsoft change the way they do business through their phased action release waves?

These release waves contain improvements, tweaks and even full additions to their applications, but many people don’t know they happen. We have eyes on theses releases and when a wave does land, our team examines and reports on it.

As part of the health check, we use our up to date knowledge to review the attributes you are currently using, identify unused or overlooked features explore any benefits they could bring to your business and discuss how they might best be implemented.

Two people working at desk with laptop and drawings

Code Review

Not all code is created equal. If you have had several different software contractors or organisations work on your system in the past it could be that your code isn’t serving you as best it could.

Bad code isn’t necessarily incorrect code, it may seem to compile and run just fine but bad code, hidden behind the scenes can create problems in debugging, developing and modifying if you ever want to alter your system.

The code review allows us to comb through your existing code review on its current state and advise areas of improvement. The following types of checks and advice are included:

  • Review best practices in code management i.e. deployment practices, source control etc.
  • Recommend code updates based on changes to the SDK.
  • Advise where your code can be streamlined if possible
  • Identify where more supportable no-code options can replace complex code
  • Shift long-running processes to Azure if possible
  • Recommend optimal server specifications for on-premise use
  • Refactor JavaScript to use WebApi instead of the deprecated soap endpoint
  • Advise if there is any code that is not supported by Microsoft

Upgrade Analysis

Still using old versions of software? Systems running slowly due to not having kept up with MS upgrades?

The upgrade analysis involves us looking at your existing dynamics configuration, integrations, data and IT infrastructure to determine what is required for you to upgrade to the latest version of Dynamics either in the cloud or on-premise.

We can then recommend the best way of approaching the upgrade and give you the tools to prepare.

Data Health Check

Do you fully trust your data and reports? Is weak data entry causing unreliability or has poor data from previous systems been migrated in Dynamics?

We can point out any data issues and recommend how to resolve them to give you cleaner, richer data, that you can trust.

We also recommend how to better monitor this moving forward and ensure data entry points are collecting the right data in the right format.

Licencing and Storage Costs check

Often licencing can be complex, confusing and expensive.  Remember the Microsoft release waves we talked about earlier? They often contain changes to licencing structures and cost. This can catch a lot of people out if they don’t know it’s coming.

We help demystify the licencing for you, see whether you are on the most cost-effective plans and advise how to keep this well managed.

We can also advise how to keep your storage costs to a minimum and ensure you always have them under control.

Health Check Documentation

At the end of the health check, we will put together easy to interpret documentation that summarises our findings.

On the back of these findings, we will record recommendations on what you can do.

These recommendations will be categorised into quick fixes and more long-term goals.

They will also be prioritised on what we think is the most urgent and what will bring the most benefits to your organisation.

Further Support

You don’t have to work through the changes on your own.

We have some clients who use the health check just to take stock, but we have many who use the health check to start the process of improvement.

We won’t just walk away if you feel you want help implementing your new changes.

We offer:

Training helps to tackle poor user buy-in when faith has been lost and brings everyone up to date in using what is at their disposal.

Support is the quickest way to sort niggling or unforeseen problems, whenever they crop up. Lack of staff technical ability or time to troubleshoot things internally often means it is far more efficient to arrange external technical support.

You never want your technology to hold you back, so we put together our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Continuous Improvement (CI) packages to keep you going in the right direction.

It allows you to use our software consultants or solution architects to plan and implement best practice, carry out changes, make modifications and keep on top of better ways of doing things as you and the technology around you evolve.

If you have been unlucky enough to have had a D365 project fail it may take you or your team time to regain trust in making it work again.

We have a project rescue option that helps you take stock of where it went wrong, where you are now and what to do next. We then help you implement your plans step by step, evaluating along the way.

Other Options:

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