About Us

Who are we and what makes us tick?

How We Deliver

Formus Professional Software specialise in system development, software, consultancy, training and support.

Software solutions like ours, can help businesses like yours be even more brilliant at what you do.

We really get a kick out of that, especially when working with people who obviously care so deeply about what they do too.

We believe there’s huge value in using CRM to provide our clients with a “single version of the truth”; a way of understanding exactly what’s happening within their business. Capturing every single customer engagement; every fundraising event; every marketing outcome; every business process; every potential sale.

This means that opportunities for growth aren’t missed. It makes businesses more efficient, saves them money and allows valuable staff resources to be deployed as productively as possible. These are things that can make a real difference to any organisation.

And although we can’t lay claim to doing this purely for altruistic purposes, that’s exactly why we do a lot of work with charities and other not-for-profit organisations.

Take our oldest client – Anthony Nolan – as an example. Every day, they match three stem cell or bone marrow donors to people suffering from blood cancers or disorders. Our software is just one tiny element of that but we’re still hugely proud to play our part.

Happy Staff, Happy Clients

In an industry like ours, where people tend to move around a lot, it's really important that we don’t just keep our clients happy. We keep our staff happy too.

Continuity can be a massive issue for any sizable CRM project. A year-long project, for example, could sometimes see as many as three or four changes in terms of who’s running the project, reflecting how often people tend to move from one job or contract to another in this industry.

That’s not healthy for any project (or the industry, for that matter, but it keeps on happening anyway). No amount of detailed handover notes can ever compensate for the amount of knowledge that leaves the building when a project manager departs.

So, we do everything we can to keep our staff happy in their current roles.

The work-life balance is a very real consideration at FormusPro, not just a convenient soundbite. It seems to be working as our staff retention is extremely high. This means that we’ve been able to deliver unbroken continuity of service throughout all our projects – and that’s the sort of thing that tends to make our clients really happy.

Founder and Technical Director

Meet our founder and Technical Director Glenn Powell.

Technical wizard, father of two beautiful girls and best BBQ host this side of the Atlantic. Just ask any of us here about his annual  "Meat Day" (Veggie and Vegan options available on request).

Meet Glenn Powell!

We asked him to share, in his own words, where Formus Professional Software started and why our set up is so different from the others out there.

"As anyone who’s ever grown a business will tell you, the next challenge comes in staying true to what got you started in the first place."

After graduating in Computer Science, I worked in the commodity software industry for several years. I spent much of that time immersed in Microsoft Dynamics 365, learning the software inside out.

During this time, the idea of FormusPro began to take shape; a software consultancy intent on providing high quality, configured CRM solutions, able to speak the language of both the developer and the end-user.

It became a reality in 2012 – with Anthony Nolan, the blood cancer charity, as my first client. It’s a client relationship that continues to this day.

Like any small business, the early years were challenging but I never lost faith in the Formus concept. Our big breakthrough moment eventually arrived a few years later when we picked up two sizable new clients within days of each other.

From that moment on, everything changed. We now have a healthy client roster and an even healthier pipeline.

We have a growing number of amazing staff, delivering software solutions in the way that I believe in delivering them.

As anyone who’s ever grown a business will tell you, the next challenge comes in staying true to what got you started in the first place.

I’m never going to compromise on the quality of the people we employ here. I’m never going to stuff projects full of junior resource or outsource work to offshore contractors just to keep costs down. I’m never going to let us be anything less than super-efficient and responsive. And I’m never going to let us lose sight of the personal touch we bring to our client relationships, which I know they value so much.

I know that all of this only gets harder the larger we grow – requiring more people who are able to stay up to speed on every detail of every single client project, like I do now.

But that’s my challenge, alongside making sure that every new Formus recruit has the same passion that I do for both great customer service and effective software solutions – and it’s a challenge that I’m looking forward to.

"I’m never going to let us lose sight of the personal touch we bring to our client relationships"