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D365 Sales double-booking

Top 4 New Features for D365 Sales in 2022

We review the new features coming to D365 Sales in 2022 to pick our top 4 that your sales team should look forward to.

D365 Marketing content fragments themes

5 D365 Marketing Features In 2022 You Won’t Want To Miss

From Teams chats within D365 Marketing to advanced segmentation and user flows, we take a look at the best new features coming in 2022.

Power Automate home page

4 Bug Fixes & Improvements to Power Automate in 2022

The Power Automate platform is getting many improvements and fixes over 2022, here are the ones we are most looking forward to.

Power Apps misc share

4 New Power Apps Features & Fixes in 2022

Wave 1 is bringing with it some important changes to Power Apps, from native mobile app support to big improvements to load speed.

Power BI Teams Tab

Power BI is Powering Up in 2022 With These 4 New Features

Power BI is receiving some notable and exciting new features that will make it more powerful and easy to use than ever before.

Too much data

What is the Microsoft Dataverse?

We have more data than ever before, and it’s expanding all the time. So how do we extract meaning from it all?

Gym membership portal

Self-Service Power Apps Portals

Three examples of how using Microsoft Power Apps portals improves the efficiency of membership organisations.

Pregnant woman

Stem Cell Charity Makes Donor Consent Easier

Simplifying paperwork encourages more mothers-to-be to donate their umbilical cords for stem cell transplants and research.

Facebook leads

Integrating Facebook Lead Ads with D365

Facebook Lead Ads are creating new opportunities for businesses. Get the most out of them by integrating Facebook with your D365 CRM.

Membership renewal automations - coloured cogs

Automate Membership Renewals in D365

Automation removes human error and provides consistency. Find out how automating your systems and processes with D365.

Model-Driven Power App sample

Power Apps Footer Removed from Model-Driven Apps

Microsoft have announced that form footers will no longer be supported in model-driven apps from October 2021. What does this mean for you?

Tampa Florida

Formus Pro launches in the US with Florida office

We are excited to announce the launch of our first US office! Located in Tampa, we will be serving the local business in Florida.

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