FormusPro’s US Footprint Grows With Exciting New Hire

FormusPro have once again expanded their global presence with the announcement that Todd Johnson will be joining the team as Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics - North America to advance our mission of 'tech for good' by leveraging Microsoft innovations for positive societal impact

FormusPro have been operating in the UK for over a decade, with operations in the US and Australia, specialising in system development, software integration, consultancy, training and support, using the entirety of the Microsoft ecosystem. We believe there's tremendous value in using Microsoft technologies such as Dynamics 365 Business Central, Customer Engagement and the Power Platform for good, creating a real and positive influence on society as a whole.


FormusPro successfully serve clients across several industries, but are particularly proud of the work we've delivered in the NonProfit, Sustainability and Membership sectors. By utilising Microsoft technologies, including a healthy dose of AI, we’ve been able to accelerate these organisations' digital transformations whilst, futureproofing them for years to come.


That's why our mantra is: Empower Impact Change


As a testament to this, our first client, Anthony Nolan, matches stem cell or bone marrow donors to people suffering from blood cancers or disorders every day with the help of software designed and built by us.


Today, we're proud to announce we've chosen Todd Johnson as Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics - North America to accelerate our tradition of 'tech for good' in the US. Todd has a long track record of establishing and building exceptional Microsoft partner organisations and has focused his entire career on delivering business solutions built on Microsoft technologies.

He’s held key leadership roles at Microsoft, Avanade, HCL, Avtex, and Nexer, successfully building market-leading teams and delivering to a wide range of clients.



Todd shared: “Microsoft's continued innovation, particularly around Dynamics 365 and Artificial Intelligence, has created a need for specialized expertise to implement these innovative solutions effectively. Our focus is on enabling our clients to solve problems that can make the world a better place. I look forward to working with Microsoft and our other partners to drive that approach in the US."


About: We believe we stand out amongst Microsoft AI Cloud partners due to their unwavering commitment to leveraging Microsoft technologies, such as Dynamics 365 Business Central, Customer Engagement and AI for societal good, underscored by a history of accelerating digital transformations in the NonProfit, Sustainability and Membership sectors.




Todd Johnson, VP – North America, FormusPro