Microsoft's Wave Release Dates

What is a Microsoft Wave and When are they Released?

Authors: FormusPro Technical Team | Formus Professional Software | Jan 2021
2021 dates for Microsoft release wave

What are Microsoft Release Waves?

Every year Microsoft (MS) announce their coming plans for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.

They release this information in a series of "Waves" focusing on important feature changes or improvements, spreading them out over the year as they are refined and finalised for activation.

These Waves hold important, sometimes critical information. Organisations using these products could be caught out if they are not prepared for some of the more mandatory software upgrades or scheduled deactivation.

There are usually only 2 Waves. The first covering the early part of the year and the second the latter, sometimes even spilling over into the following year depending on roll out.

At a Glance

2021 Microsoft Wave 1 Dates

January 27th, 2021 - Release Plans made available

February 1st, 2021 – Early Access available

April 1st, 2021 – General availability

Microsoft Wave 1 Dates for 2021

Microsoft have announced the first 3 dates for Wave 1 2021 as part of their major annual updates to Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. We will be writing our review on the release notes as soon as they become available and will keep you updated on what they mean for your business

Jan 27th - Release Plans made available

The release plans will give us an overview of what changes are proposed for April’s release. It will include information on upgrades, new features, changes to functionality and any planned deprecation of old legacy features.

Check back on the website or sign up to our Tech News for our report on this when it lands.

Feb 1st - Early Access available

A chance to try things out. Key features and changes will be made available through early access to allow users to give them a test drive.

We strongly advise our clients to use this early access to find out how the new functionally may change the way they work.

Change can be uncomfortable for some people so it can often be best to give your staff an opportunity to explore what’s new before they are told they may have no choice but to start using it straight away.

We also find this phase is a good time to gather feedback from our clients. Often we offer help and advice should they be concerned about Microsoft planned changes.

April 1st, 2021 – General availability

This is the beginning of the deployment period for Wave 1 changes.

Over the coming months, deployments will take place regionally; gradually rolling out the changes Microsoft laid out in their Wave 1 release plans on Jan 27th 2021.

It's always good to be prepared before this date. Not all deadlines will be immediate but some of them could be.

Stay Informed - Sign up to Tech News Updates

We keep a close eye on Microsoft Release Waves as there can be significant updates to software. Most good, some bad and a few ugly. While we cannot change or influence Microsoft’s actions, we do actively seek out and review these release documents.

Our Microsoft Wave updates give you a summary of the original Microsoft documents

  • Inform you of new or improved features
  • A heads-up on any tricky bits you may have to navigate
  • Include advice on how to mitigate any hidden nasties (where possible).

You can sign up to receive these MS Wave updates automatically to your email account. Alternatively, keep checking back here within our resources pages.