D365 For Field Service

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What is D365 for Field Service?

Field Service is a calendar and location driven scheduling setup for D365 that allows information to be accessed live, in real time, from anywhere and on multiple devices.

This Microsoft developed app extends the out of the box CRM entities seamlessly and introduces resource, workforce and asset management features.

Automatically create and schedule work orders, despatch technicians with the right skill sets and equipment, and enable them to access customer information from their mobile devices.

Complete with a real time mobile experience for remote workers and job assignments. Management capabilities of these via the schedule board.

Video: Introduction to Field Service

The scheduling and routing function can display routes based on mapping software integrated within Dynamics 365 showing distances to and between accounts and field-based resources.

Availability, start and end times and locations are all used for efficient routing of or assignment of resources to service requests.

Use the system to perform predictive maintenance to help you repair, clean, and replace parts only when it's needed. Detect, diagnose, and solve problems before customers realise there’s an issue.

Go one step further to solve complex problems faster with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on HoloLens devices. Technicians stay heads-up and hands-free while sharing what they see with remote experts.

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