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The PowerPlatform is Microsoft’s answer to building end-to-end business solutions, with tools that enable everyone to be a part of the process, allowing your business to react quickly to new challenges.

The PowerPlatform spans a collection of tools that serve the software needs at every level of the business. Whilst it is capable individually, used together it is more than the sum of its parts. It all exists as part of a tightly integrated ecosystem that provides even more productivity and functionality when used together.

At its core, the PowerPlatform exists to enable the entirety of the business to be part of developing solutions, with a focus on needing little to no prerequisite knowledge, and instead providing accessible and powerful tools to empower everyone.

Power BI

Power BI is an industry leading business analytics service that provides you with the insights needed to enable fast, informed decisions.

Providing you with advanced tools such as AI analysis and Big Data connectivity, Power BI enables you to create detailed and visually engaging dashboards, that provide you with essential and real-time data across the entirety of your business, all in an easy to interpret presentation.

Key Advantages

  • De-Silo Your Data: With both cloud and on-premise connectivity nothing is hidden from view.
  • Unrivalled Connectivity: With hundreds of connectors at your disposal across and beyond the Microsoft ecosystem no data is out of reach.
  • Visually Engaging: Within moments of connecting to your source have numerous visualisations at your disposal. Powerful and easy to interpret. Ensure that no piece of insight is missed.
  • In One Place: See your business as a whole. Combine multiple data sources to get the comprehensive understanding you need.
  • Cutting-Edge: Leverage Artificial Intelligence to see more than you thought was possible. No specialist knowledge required.

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Screen grab of sales report dashboard in Power Platform


When your business develops a need for software, typically you have two options; buy a pre-made product which might not fully fit your needs or commit to the expense of developing one.

PowerApps disrupts this question by providing a third answer. What if you could empower your employees to develop the solutions they need, without specialist skills or resources?

PowerApps “democratise development” by giving employees the ability to create advanced applications that can run on any platform and integrate with your existing software ecosystem, whilst being no more complex to develop than writing formulas for Excel.

Not only does this provide a further option to the consideration of how to add software solutions to your business, but the accessibility of PowerApps gives your employees the ability to accelerate their day-to-day productivity by putting the ability to create apps directly into their hands. It allows them to create tools to aid the processes they know best.

PowerApps are also highly portable and easy to share. Once an employee has developed an application, they can share it with members of their team as easily as the could a document. Once shared, the app can run on computers, phones, and tablets, or even embedded within websites.

Depending on the solution you require PowerApps are available in two different forms:

Canvas PowerApps

Canvas PowerApps provide User Interface focused experiences akin to traditional apps, ideal for solutions requiring large amounts of data input or visual feedback. Canvas apps are capable of much of the functionality that would typically only be expected only from native phone or tablet apps. This includes things such as offline-working or usage of GPS and camera hardware

Canvas apps have rich UIs that are easily designed and developed with a WYSIWYG editor. In a space of minutes to hours, a user can create something that is easy to use and compatible with both touchscreens and more traditional input methods.

Screen grab of sample canvas app in Power Platform

Model-Driven PowerApps

Model-Driven apps provide solutions for data-driven scenarios. Rather than being interface-focussed, they allow for the modelling of business data by its relationships and interactions. Model-Driven apps utilise the Common Data Service to provide you with the tools to define rich metadata, ensuring data-integrity and accurate enablement of business processes.

Model-Driven Apps are most similar to Dynamics Customer Engagement, but with limited pre-defined entities and data models, facilitating a broader set of scenarios and needs.

Screen grab of Power Platform Power Apps dashboard


As technology advances it becomes increasingly easy to automate the trivial, increasing productivity and allowing us to better focus on what is important. However, implementing automation can sometimes be a daunting and expensive task. It requires systems to be compatible and complex logic to be put in place. PowerAutomate lowers these barriers and enables all users boost their productivity by creating automations with simple workflows – no code required.

With connectors for hundreds of different systems, both in the cloud and on-premise, users can be creating integrations, automations, and interactions within minutes, saving hours of otherwise wasted time.

Screen grab of Power Automate page in Power Platform

PowerPlatform Portals

Depending on the services your business offers it can be a great advantage to allow your customers to directly interact with your company via a website. This could include things such as managing their membership or services that they receive from you. By giving customers direct access to a portal you can reduce your own staffing costs, as well as hurdles and frustrations for your customer.

However, there can be many challenges involved in offering this. Immediately you are presented by concerns about security, the cost of building it, and how to integrate with your internal systems.

PowerPlatform Portals offers an easy and efficient solution to this. With little prerequisite knowledge, it allows for anyone to build responsive and intuitive websites that provide this functionality. Using ready made tools and components it is possible to create a portal in a space of hours, with all the functionality you would expect in a fully developed website.

With tight connectivity with the Microsoft ecosystem and more, concerns about security and integration cease to be a problem. Users of the site are able to create an account with you, or login with many other providers such as a Microsoft, Facebook, or Google account. Once they are connected with you, changes they make within the portal can directly reflect in your internal systems such as a Dynamics 365 implementation.

Screen grab of Power Platform example page