Power Apps Portals

Secure, easy to use, quick to setup and powerful. Power Apps Portals are a great way to bring together your Microsoft ecosystem.

Depending on the services your business offers it can be a great advantage to allow your customers to directly interact with your company via a website. This could include things such as managing their membership or services that they receive from you. By giving customers direct access to a portal you can reduce your own staffing costs, as well as hurdles and frustrations for your customer.

However, there can be many challenges involved in offering this. Immediately you are presented by concerns about security, the cost of building it, and how to integrate with your internal systems.

Quick & Easy Portals

Power Apps Portals offer an easy and efficient solution to this. With little prerequisite knowledge, it allows for anyone to build responsive and intuitive websites that provide this functionality. Using ready made tools and components it is possible to create a portal in a space of hours, with all the functionality you would expect in a fully developed website.

With tight connectivity with the Microsoft ecosystem and more, concerns about security and integration cease to be a problem. Users of the site are able to create an account with you, or login with many other providers such as a Microsoft, Facebook, or Google account. Once they are connected with you, changes they make within the portal can directly reflect in your internal systems such as a Dynamics 365 implementation.

Screen grab of Power Platform example page