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Prime Molasses LTD

Prime Molasses Ltd needed an ERP solution fast… so turned to FormusPro


FormusPro implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Prime Molasses LTD in just one week and are now working on integrating their existing order processing systems.

Prime Molasses LTD only had a small finance system pre D365 Business Central

Three users across three operating companies

D365 Business Central was implemented in just one week

Company Information

Prime Molasses LTD have been delivering feed molasses products to the animal feed industry across the UK for over 20 years, working closely with many of the UK’s leading animal feed manufacturers and suppliers. They’re a fully owned subsidiary of Cremer, one of the world’s largest suppliers of premium molasses products, supporting the UK market from port terminals in key locations such as Silloth in Cumbria, Liverpool in Merseyside and Avonmouth near Bristol. A key issue for Prime Molasses LTD is the promotion of sustainable supply chains. Part of how they do this is by ensuring all their suppliers are QS, FEMAS or GMP+ equivalent approved.

What Was Delivered

Prime Molasses LTD required a replacement to their ageing Sage finance system with scope to grow and integrate with their inhouse, bespoke ordering/fulfilment system.

Formus Pro took a rapid implementation approach to this project, attending onsite for a ‘hot week’ to rapidly configure the required Business Central finance modules.

One solution was taken live within a few weeks of starting the project, and two more followed, done remotely using the first solution as the baseline.

Modules deployed were GL, Fixed Assets, Banking (with HSBC integration), purchasing (with approvals), AP and AR and we’re now working with Prime Molasses LTD to integrate an order processing system into their operations.

The entire D365 Business Central system went live two months after project sign off.

What The Client Said

Prime required a finance system that enabled customisation and appropriate authorisation levels – something our current finance package didn’t offer. Formus were great with in house practice sessions and have been always available from start to current with bugs and extra training required.

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