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Anthony Nolan

For 12 years we have had an ongoing relationship with Anthony Nolan since we first embarked on a digital transformation journey together. With a range of implementations and solutions over the years, this transformation is constantly evolving.


Anthony Nolan wanted to move their Dynamics 2016 On-Premise solution into Dynamics 365 Online. This would mean less reliance on internal servers to maintain and run the platform. They would also benefit from the Microsoft Update process, continuously making new features available.

On going relationship

We continue to develop more modules for the system as the strategic partner for their Dynamics estate. Having such a strong relationship for over 12 years now, allows us to know the technical space inside and out at Anthony Nolan, allowing the digital transformation journey to consistently evolve.


FormusPro assisted in the recruitment and training of an internal team who actively maintain and develop their CRM system in-house. With new product updates and extensions to their transformation Journey, this training is something we ensure is always available.


FormusPro migrated the Dynamics 2016 system through the Microsoft Fast Track Program and into the Dynamics 365 Online cloud. All their existing solutions, processes, integrations and functionality were carried across or upgraded and improved to deliver more in the cloud environment.

Company Information

The UK-based non-profit Anthony Nolan collaborates with other stem cell donor registers worldwide to match people with blood cancer with donors whose stem cells can literally save lives. Anthony Nolan has revamped its stem cell donor management systems and bringing a level of modernity and productivity to a global network of stem cell registries. It now uses Microsoft cloud services—Dynamics 365, Azure, and Microsoft 365—to ensure patients can find the best donor match, no matter where they are in the world.

What Was Delivered

The first step was to migrate their on-premise systems to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud. Even after the migration users were still operating with two different systems, one for fundraising, the other for donor search and provision. This was both time consuming and inefficient for their teams. Using application programme interfaces (APIs) FormusPro built a single supporter view (SSV) so users can have access to both databases in one place.

What The Client Said

“If we can go more efficiently, go a bit faster, we increase the chances of a life-saving transplant. We also reduce cost, which means we can recruit more people to join the stem cell donor register and do more research.”

“With most of the systems now running in the cloud, including all of our integration software, there is very little need for internal infrastructure and has freed up time to focus their efforts on project work to continue to provide new user functionality.”

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