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Successful customer relationships begin with the correct information

Using Loqate’s verification solutions with our D365 technology allows our clients to verify emails, telephone numbers

Easy To Use Email Verification:  

Loqate’s Email verification solution lets our clients easily verify email addresses in real-time and / or in a  batch cleanse – increasing delivery rates, helping to prevent fraud, protecting sender reputations and improving ongoing customer comms.

Easy To Use Phone Verification:

It’s estimated 91% of adults always keep their phone within arm’s reach, meaning mobile is the best  way to keep in touch with your customers. Using Loqate’s phone verification tech ensures you only place calls or send SMS messages to valid numbers, saving your organisation time and money.

Easy To Use Bank Details Verification:

Loquate’s bank detail verification tech lets our clients ensure all bank account details are entered correctly into financial systems; meaning payment errors are avoided and bank charges are a thing of the past.

Easy To Use Address Verification Software:

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to cleanse data in your CRM, capture accurate data upfront or a bit of both, this solution combines the richest global data with innovative technology to ensure you hold only the best quality data and can provide your staff with an enhanced experience.

More Features

Want to find out how Loqate can save you time and money?


Increased email deliverability, reduce hard bounces from email campaigns and prevent your emails from being blocked. Works for business and consumer emails… including Hotmail or Gmail addresses.


Save on wasted fees when sending SMS’s to incorrect numbers. Save your teams time when calling wrong numbers. For a given number you can discover, network code and name, country, country prefix and number type.


Banking verification will save you time and money when re-processing failed payments, it improves customer service and avoids manual payroll errors, all with instant results.


Our address verification software works in over 245 countries with no separate licensing required. The Unicode behind the software lets you grow your organisation globally, whilst keeping your UX local by allowing customers to search in any character set. Comes with fuzzy error correction as standard to pick up misspelt words.


The transliteration built in translates words or letters from different global charter sets into either native or Roman characters across 8 scripts, including: Cyrillic, Hellenic, Hebrew, Kanji, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Thai and Hangul.


Web Tracking

In marketing terms, the use of tracking technology on your website, to allow analysis of visitor activity. In Dynamics 365, this is achievable using the ClickDimensions software.

Tenant Admin

In-house Microsoft administrator – they have responsibility for their company’s logins, create email accounts and reset passwords. Usually a member of IT.

Third Party App Training

Training provided for applications published by 3rd parties (e.g. MailChimp, Xero etc.

Premium Credit Ltd

We worked with the Premium Credit team as partners on a number of a large and ongoing transformation projects within D365. By getting to really know the team and their business model we have been able to create solutions and processes that have had a real impact on their business.

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