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Premium Credit Ltd

We worked with the Premium Credit team as partners on a number of a large and ongoing transformation projects within D365. By getting to really know the team and their business model we have been able to create solutions and processes that have had a real impact on their business.


Premium Credit’s overall project was a transformative one, requiring a new system that would be focused centred on end customers, and involved updating and migrating various aspects of their business… from account services to complaints.

Dynamics 365

We continue to develop more modules for the system as the strategic partner for their Dynamics estate.

Dynamics 365 CRM

Partner relationship management and more recently some customer related aspects as well, FormusPro play a key role in supporting us on this journey.


Updating and migrating different areas of the existing business ranging from account service through to the complaints department.

Company Information

Premium Credit specialise in short term financing. As a result they often work with insurance companies that provide monthly financing options for annual premiums. Since 1988 they’ve helped millions of businesses and individuals pay for their insurance by spreading the costs over regular instalments, instead of paying the whole premium up front. But that’s not all. They also provide the finance to pay annual costs such as professional fees, membership subscriptions, commercial service charges and school fees. Today, they’ve over 2.1 million customers using their service and technology to process 24 million Direct Debits and fund advances of £3.8 billion.

What Was Delivered

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was the solution of choice for Premium Credit Ltd. Overall, the project is one of transformation. With separate entities with partnerships and end customers, each section of the business needs updating, and this partnership is something that is on going with the digital transformation journey.

What The Client Said

“We’ve established a real partnership, we see them as a part of our Premium Credit Team, ultimately an extension of the team.

Dynamics 365 is key for us and FormusPro play a key role in supporting our platform”

Grant Dormer – Head of Business Solutions, Premium Credit LTD


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