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Behind The Scenes @ FormusPro As A Junior Software Consultant

Hi, my name’s Vicki and I’ve been a junior software consultant here at FormusPro since way, way back in July (2023).

Before joining the FormusPro family I started out my career as a teacher but then went on to found my own educational consultancy training other teachers.

I also created a lot of educational resources and wrote a lot of books which, by a round-a-bout route, led me into software training on a large .Gov project before starting here. Turned out I enjoyed it so much I started looking around to see how I could do that all the time!


And this is why I love FormusPro so much… As you can see from the title of this post, I’m a Junior Software Consultant (although working hard to drop the junior!)

During the recruitment process, it was made very clear that my technical skills (which are awesome btw) were much less important than my drive and personality… I love that we hire ‘people first’ and then train them on the tech… It means the people I’m working with are also all awesome!

The learning curve is insane but I’m enjoying every minute of it and everyone is so helpful and willing to share the knowledge, as they all started out in the same position.

In fact, I’m already working on a fleet management app using Microsoft’s Power Platform that I’m super proud of…. Putting everything I’ve learnt so far into practice is an absolutely amazing feeling.


Outside of work I’m a big yoga enthusiast and love travelling as often as physically possible.

Top spots I’ve been to would be Thailand and the USA, but I’ve a huge soft spot for Costa Brava.


Finally, rounding this post off, the marketing team asked me, if I was hosting a dinner party and could invite any three famous people, alive or dead, who would they be and why?


Hmmm… good question, right?

I think my guests would have to be Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.

Maybe not the most popular of choices but I think it’d be incredible to try and talk to them all about the incredible things they could do for the planet with all their cash!

I’d have to ban all talk of space travel or fighting though… although I guess if the dinner conversation did get a bit stilted, watching these three scrap it out wouldn’t be the worst evening I’ve ever had!


Written By:

Vicki Conrad
Junior Software Consultant, FormusPro

Behind The Scenes @ FormusPro As A Managed Services Consultant

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