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Behind The Scenes @ FormusPro As A Managed Services Consultant

Hi, my name’s Becky and I’ve been a managed services consultant here at FormusPro for just coming up on two years now (or depending when you read this, just over two years!).

In, fact, I think I started on the same day as Josh Thomas.


As you can see by the title, I’m a managed services consultant, which means I consult on managed services.

What… not enough details?

Well then, I’m a managed services consultant on FormusPro’s support desk, which means if a client raises any kind of case with us, I’ll look into it, triage it alongside any other tickets raised and follow up on live cases to make sure everything’s progressing well (both internally and externally).


I was asked what I did before FormusPro for this, and you won’t believe it, but I was a… registered dental nurse, which as you can imagine, was a bit of a jump to managed services consultant!


Weirdly (or perhaps not so weirdly given where I am now) I used to joke a lot that as well as being a dental nurse, I was our practices inhouse IT support team… as it was always me that got called if something went wrong with the tech.

In fact, it hit such a level that, unless admin passwords were required, the actual IT team would usually get me to fix things on-site for them!

It was from there I realised that the career I really wanted was in IT, so whilst looking into degrees to further that goal, my practice manager at the time (hi Zoe if you’re reading this!) pointed out there was an open internal position for an IT Trainer to look after all the practices in the UK.

She pushed me to apply (and wouldn’t let me go home that day until I actually had lol) and the rest as they say… is history!

I got to travel around the country, teaching people how to use their Office 365 interface, Teams apps and more. In fact, it was on one of these callouts where I first spoke to FormusPro… and now, here I am!


I love my new career, haven’t ever looked back, and I think part of that is because I love problem solving as a whole.

There’s something really satisfying about being able to dismantle something and re-build it better than it was before. As you can imagine, working on support cases and fixing issues, that comes up a lot.

It also helps that I never stop learning, be it from what our clients are up to on a day-to-day basis to the new tech we implement for them or even new ways to work.


I’m also a huge fan of the Microsoft stack, so working for a Microsoft partner is a huge bonus.

When I started, I helped build out a sign-in function for an app, but whenever I finish a project, I always want to go back over everything I’ve ever done and reapply all the new things I’ve learnt since!


Outside of work I love to sew (I enjoy a bit of cosplay sometimes), tinkering around with my PC (I’m currently in the middle of deciding what I do next to it) and I’m also learning to crochet.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I also enjoy D&D (especially the FormusPro game we run) and video games.


Finally, rounding this little bio off, the marketing team asked me, if I had to host a dinner party, and could invite any three famous people, alive or dead, who would I invite and why…?


Oooh, that’s an interesting question!

I think I’d certainly be more interested in speaking to relatives I’d never met or whom I could now engage with on an adult level rather than as a child.

However, I’d also be intrigued to speak to as many people as possible who’ve massively influenced the way we live and our knowledge of the world… such as Nicolas Tesla and Charles Darwin (did you know Darwin nearly didn’t publish his work? Imagine if he hadn’t).

Hmmm, can I have more than three guests please?

Written By:

Rebecca Jones
Managed Services Consultant, FormusPro

Behind The Scenes @ FormusPro With A Software Consultant

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