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Save 25-33% on Microsoft Teams Phone Pricing

Large discounts available until June 2022

To promote their excellent VOIP package, Teams Phone, Microsoft have released some hefty discounts.

What is Microsoft Teams Phone?

Over the last couple of decades, many businesses have switched over to VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone systems. These internet-based phones combine competitive pricing with flexible solutions perfectly suited for today’s hybrid and highly-integrated working environments.

Teams Phone includes all the core features you would expect from a modern integrated phone system, including: caller ID, call forwarding, delegation, conference calls, voicemail to email and much, much more.

In addition to these great features, Teams Phone also integrates directly with the Microsoft Suite, including Outlook and Teams.

Teams Phone Without Calling Plan

All you need to get started with Teams Phone, this entry level plans provides the same core VOIP system. However, it doesn’t include call charges, which are priced separately.

This package is ideal for businesses that tend to receive more calls than they make and provides excellent value for money.

  • RRP – £7.50 user/month
  • Promotion – £5.00 user/month

Teams Phone With Calling Plan

All of the features of Teams Phone, with 1200 minutes per user per month of domestic calling. These minutes are pooled, so if some users make fewer calls, their spare minutes will be automatically allocated to those who need them.

If your business relies on phone calls this plan is ideal.

  • RRP – £12.00 user/month
  • Promotion – £9.00 user/month

Who Is Eligible For The Discount?

These pricing discounts are available for any businesses who aren’t yet subscribed to Microsoft Teams Phone.

It also only applies to up to 300 seats. If you require more licenses we can discuss your requirements and volume discounting options.

For Charities and Education, please contact us directly for discounted rates on Teams Phone and other Microsoft licenses.

When Does The Offer Expire?

The offer expires on the 30th June 2022.

How Long Will The Discounted Pricing Last?

You can subscribe to 12 or 36 month plans to lock in these great discounted rates and make the most of this promotion. These plans can still be billed monthly over these longer commitments.

If you would like to find out more, or arrange a free demo, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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Save 25-33% on Microsoft Teams Phone Pricing

Large discounts available until June 2022

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