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Behind The Scenes @ FormusPro As A Support Manager

Hi, my name’s Josh and I’ve been a Support Manager here at FormusPro for about two years now.

That means I run a team of awesome IT Support Professionals who are all responsible for looking after both our internal and external customers (and trust me… the external customers are much easier to deal with… you know who you are lol).

We make sure all requests are handled quickly and efficiently, from bug fixes right through to general queries, customer coaching and everything in-between.


Before joining FormusPro I spent about twenty years (I know I only look 22 but I’m a bit older than that unfortunately) as a Resource Planning Analyst in the Customer Service sector.

If you’re now wondering what a Resource Planning analyst does, it was my job to monitor and forecast trends and behaviours for customer contact centres. I had to make sure there were enough people, with the right skill sets, in at any one time to handle the volume of calls from customers etc.


That’s all in the past now though and I’m so pleased to have found my home at FormusPro.

For me, the best thing about my job has to be the people… by far! When I was interviewing for the job, it actually took me about thirty minutes to realise I was talking to the owner and CEO, he was so relaxed and nice… and even then, it was only because he specifically told me! (Hi Glenn).

It genuinely feels like we’re all in this together; in fact, I always think you can almost see the down-to-earth and helpful vibe and culture here.

No question is ever too stupid and there’s always someone on hand to explain it, no matter how simple or technical it might be.

I think that’s because at FormusPro, we’re trained to understand processes, not just push buttons. I love that approach as being able to understand why something is done a certain way really lets you get to grips with it and sometimes even find better ways to do it… you just don’t get that if you don’t understand why something is done a particular way and you’re not allowed to question why.


Here at FormusPro we’re a Microsoft Solutions Partner, working with the full Dynamics365 and Power Apps stack.

I’m mentioning that as we recently had an internal Hackathon and I built an MDA with forms and entities, including all the fields, BPF’s and Flows that were needed. It might seem slightly basic to someone used to working with the Microsoft Stack, but I thought it was really cool once I finished it, sat back and realised I’d learnt how to do all that in under two years!


Outside of work I’ve a bit of an eclectic hobby list.

I love spending time with my family and keeping thing simple. I love to tinker with a bit of gaming when I have time, love to travel, try good food and drink, but mostly just enjoy the moment.

Time is quick to move on and people will come and go in your life before you even realise so it’s important to look after yourself and enjoy their company whilst you can.


Finally, to round this article off, the marketing team asked me, if I could invite any three famous people from history to a dinner party who would it be and why?

Well… not to be rude to the marketing team but can you imagine how awful that party would be?

You’d spend most of the night explaining where they’d been all that time and everything that had happened since they’d died.

Then there’d be the hours of self-reflection and recrimination on where they’d gone wrong in their life and what they could have done better. One or two of the guests might even try to escape out into the modern world!

I mean… how would I handle that? How would I explain it in the morning to the authorities? Would I need a security team to keep them at the dinner party against their will?

What happens if you read on Wikipedia that one of your guests was vegetarian, but it turns out it was revisionist nonsense and the one thing they really want before being dead again is a really good steak?

Pass thanks! It’s just too much to think about… but… I suppose if you twisted my arm hard enough I’d invite three celebrity chefs who I could play off against each other to cook dinner for me. At least that way, if things did get stressful, I’d at least get a great meal out of it!

Written By:

Josh Thomas
Support Manager, FormusPro

Behind The Scenes @ FormusPro As A Senior Software Consultant

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