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Behind The Scenes @ FormusPro As A Customer Success Manager

Hi, my name’s Ben and I’ve worked here at FormusPro as a Customer Success Manager since Aug 2022.

As a Customer Success Manager, it’s my responsibility to make sure our clients are completely happy with all of the products and services we provide them. It’s really important to me that I build strong relationships with everyone we work with, although, I have to say I’m lucky in that regard as the people we work with are all amazing.

It’s my job to provide personalised support to them all and act as a trusted advisor, advocating for them internally on the solutions we build for them.

I then help the wider team onboard new clients, deal with their enquiries, champion product adoption, monitor ongoing success and collaborate with the sales team to identify possible upsell project opportunities that could benefit our customers.

However, my primary focus always has been, and always will be, fostering customer loyalty and driving FormusPro’s business growth… I’m just lucky that that’s achievable by treating people right and supporting their businesses goals.


Like many people here, I didn’t start out in tech. In fact, I’ve a background of seventeen years in the hospitality and leisure sector, running a Health and Leisure Club.


Although, what many people don’t know is that I was also an on-call Firefighter for twelve years as well!

My favourite thing about FormusPro is the passion, drive and work ethic you see throughout all levels of the company. Everyone is literally awesome, and it never fails to motivate me, being surrounded by such an exciting environment.


Outside of work I’m a huge family man, and I’m really passionate about making memories with them, watching my children grow.

That being said I’m also a keen golfer (although won’t mention my handicap here lol), A huge Manchester United fan and of course, always appreciate a good beer with my friends and family.


So, continuing the tradition of the rest of these articles, if I could invite any three people, alive or dead, to a dinner party, who would it be and why?


I’d 100% have to invite Warren Buffet first. It’d be fascinating to see how he got the drive and motivation to be so successful.

Jack Whitehall would be the second person I’d invite as every good dinner party needs someone who can bring the humour and pure stupidity… and I think Jack always manages both in spades!

My final guest would be Eric Cantona, so I could talk about the glory days of MUFC from my childhood.


Written By:

Ben Scott
Customer Success Manager, FormusPro

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